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Mrs Helen Robertson


Hamnavoe Primary School,
Burra Isle,
United Kingdom

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(01595) 807440

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Our School

Hamnavoe Primary School is situated on the island of Burra. The catchment area for the school is the whole of Burra. Pupils from outwith Burra can make a placing request to put their children to Hamnavoe Primary. The school is non-denominational and caters for pupils of all primary stages. The school has a close relationship with the Burra Early Years Group, which provides Early Years education for the area. The current roll of the school is 68.

There are three classes in 2018/19.

Although Mrs Robertson doesn't have a class teaching commitment she will be team teaching across the school as well as working with Miss Odie in an new support teacher role for the authority in Early Years.

Our Community

Every January we Celebrate the Scalloway Fire Festival.

Every February we run a Family Learning Event we also look our for the Frogs returning to our pond.

March sees us celebrate Spring with the tradition of Rolling Eggs and a Spring Assembly. We also support Sport and Comic Relief and attend the Music Festival every second year.

April is the month for the Voar Redd Up when we clean up the Bruck in our village.

May heralds the start of summer when we can really enjoy our outdoor spaces. We go on trips and hold out annual Coffee Morning.

June is the month of Transition when out P1's and P7's start to spend more time in their new schools getting aquainted with their new surroundings, friends and teachers. We end the year with a BBQ and a special Leavers assembly.

August is back to school month

September is when we hold our Annual Family fun night where we welcome all our new families into the community of our school.

October is our Harvest Festival where we prepare gifts of food and flowers for members of our community who we feel might benfit from a visit and a gift.

November is the start of the dark months. Our JRSO's hold assemblies to encourage pupils to wear reflective clothing in the dark and we also support Children in Need.

December is our time to celebrate Christmas. Every year we invite our community to our carol service and our Christmas Show.




Pictures of the School Grounds


hamnavoe schoolhamnavoe 1hamnavoe2hamnavoe3hamnavoe4hamnavoe5hamnavoe6hamnavoe7hamnavoe8hamnavoe9hamnavoe9

Hamnavoe Aims and Visions

HMIe Report

Hamnavoe School Handbook

Our Curriculum is balanced and broad-based and includes the requirements of the National 3-18 Curriculum for Excellence Guidelines.

The guidance is structured under the headings of eight curriculum areas: Expressive Arts, Religious and Moral Education, Health and Wellbeing, Sciences, Languages, Mathematics, Social Studies and Technologies.

See Quality and Standards Report on the News Page to read about our achievements last year.

Our school no longer takes part in the Eco Schools project. However we continue to be committed to sustainability,recycling and outdoor education.

Eco Schools 2015,2016,2017

The Eco-committee accept their 8th Eco Flag from Keep Scotland Beautiful

Eco Flag Number 8

Here are some photos from our presentation when we were assessed in October 2014. This followed 2 years of work on a range of topics.


eco1eco2eco3eco 4eco5eco9eco11eco12eco13eco14eco15 eco17eco18eco19eco20eco21

Our Assessor Report


Eco Schools

Our Fourth Eco Flag!Voar Redd Up

The pupils from the School show off an Eco-schools flag. We now have 6!

Action Plans for 2014

Garden Action Night

A good group of parents and children have been working on the garden. The tree area has been cut back to allow for more play and all the gardens have been cut back to give access. Pupils are now able to play safely in these areas. A compost area was built and the pond has been repaired and filled. Planters have been set and the Croft garden has been delled ready for planting. Lots of new top soil has been brought in and spread. The pond is teaming with life. We have lots of big frogs, froglets and tadpoles.

frogletgarden1garden2garden 3garden5garden5

Learning about re-newables and recycling in Shetland

windmillswind mills 2

Waste to Energy Plant by Danny Henry P.7

The Waste to Energy Plant takes in lots of rubbish and burns it.  The rubbish comes from houses, schools and off-shore.  It also comes from Orkney and Highlands.

The rubbish is collected by the Essie Karts.  They come around the back of the Plant.  They dump the rubbish and the grab comes and picks it up.  The grab is controlled by a man or a hands free machine.  He sits in a chair where all the controls are. 

The grabber puts the rubbish into the Hopper which takes the rubbish to the Furnace.  It gets burned at 1200 degrees which is as hot as the inside of a volcano. 

The Furnace heats up the water and then the hot water is pumped to the houses around Lerwick. 

The pipes are found under the road.  They are very well insulated so the heat is kept in.  The water that isn’t used returns to the plant and is reheated and pumped back to the Plant.

waste to energy plantIt is a good way to use rubbish and means that less stuff goes into landfill.

recyuling 1recycling 2waste to energywaste to energyrecylcingrecycling

We recycle cans, batteries, rags and clothes, envelopes, paper, plastic and glass jars in our school. We also encourage others to recycle through posters, leaflets and assemblies.


New Committee and Plan for 2014


The Eco-committee is elected by pupils in the school. The new committee is: Owen Halcrow, Riahnnon Thomason, Lewis Chen, Heckie Atkinson and David Macdonald. They meet regularily to discuss how the school is going to promote it's Eco Code. BEAR Be- Eco-Aware-Remember.


What's coming up?

Get Re-cycling campaign, Sea to plate project, Cutting our Carbon and Wind Power linked to work on Weather and Energy, Voar Redd Up and further developing the Crofting Garden.

Pupils from Hamnavoe made links with the local fishing industry at the "So Much to Sea" event in the Hamnavoe Hall. as part of this Shetland wide community event they performed music linked to the sea and decorated the hall with art work around the theme of fish and fishing. Take a look at the website. There are videos and recipes to try at:

Pupils in Primary 1-3 made a fantastic painting of the Radiant Star. She is currently doing the rounds of the other community halls hosting the events. They are going to visit the fishing boat, the market, the fish shop and then make fried fish at school, gaining understanding about where their food comes from.


Past Eco-schools Work

Burra Bear Promotes Saving Water, Saving Electricity, Saving Paper, Growing Plants, Reducing Waste and being ECO AWARE! He's currently sailing round the World on the Elsi Arrub. (Burra Isle spelled backwards)

ffburra bearusing both sidesgrowingreducing wastereducing waste


The Big Pedal - riding your bike cuts down on your Carbon Footprint 2012

The Big Pedal

Studying Wildlife - and promoting wildlife in our school grounds

Studying wildlife hedgehog


Saving Water Week 2012


Monitoring Rubbish on our Beach 2012

beach bruck

Building the Mini-beast Mansion 2012

Mini-beast mansion mini-beast mansion

Developing a Crofting Plot 2013

Crofting croftingGarden Tidy up


Litter ProjectPlanting Tatties

Above Litter Project and pupils planting tatties!

Weeding the huge gardensParent Involvement in Gardening

Pupils and Parent volunteers weeding the garden in an after school session.

Home Grown TattiesTending to the pond

The pupils proudly showing off the home grown tatties and Primary 1s and 2s looking for tadpoles in the school pond! Concrete blocks embedded with shells decorates the pond. These were produced by the children.

School PondSchool Pond

Notice the lovely array of daffodils and our compost bins full to the brim with home produced compost used to grow the tatties!

The Voar-Redd-Up May 2012

Every year the whole school takes part in the Voar-Redd-Up. This means that they clear any debri that has been swept in by the sea, or simply blown in by the wind, onto the beaches. They also pick up rubbish from around the village of Hamnavoe.

Pupils help with the Redd Up Casey helps with the Voar Redd Up

Katie fills her bag with bruck! Ross and Robbie Lee help to tidy up Hamnavoe.

Visit from Ukranian Gymnasts

In November 2011 the school had a visit from two Ex Olympic Ukranian Gymnasts - Iryna and Dariya. They gave the pupils a short gymnastic demonstration and helped pupils do a gymnastic workshop.

Iryna and Dariya. The Gymnastic Workshop. The gymnastic workshop. The gymnastic workshop.

Hockey Event at Brae

On Wednesday 25th April 2012 our pupils from Primary 4 -7 took part in an interschool hockey event at the Brae Astro Turf. The weather was cold but dry and everyone had to keep moving to keep warm!

The teams in action. Everyone enjoys their packed lunch.

One of the teams. Team 2.

Musical Achievements

On Tuesday 20th March Primary 3 - 7 took part in the Music Festival at Clickamin. They performed well with the School Choir, Eunice Henderson's Fiddle Group and Jamie Deyell on his clarinet and the drumming group all picking up a Silver Award. Evie Craigie who performed a piano solo and the P5 -7 music group all gained a Gold Award. Well done everyone.

The School choir prepare to sing. Joy Duncans drumming group.

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