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Mrs Helen Robertson


Hamnavoe Primary School,
Burra Isle,
United Kingdom

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(01595) 807440

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For Parents

Term 2 201718

Child Led Parent Evening Wednesday and Thursday 15th and 16th November

Ramble with Pudsey Friday 17th November leaves from school at 1.30pm

Primary 1 Term 2 Overview

Primary 2 Term 2 Overview

Primary 1 Topic Web

Primary 2 Topic Web

Primary 3 Overview

Primary 3 Topic Web

Primary 4 Overview

Primary 4 Topic Web

Primary 5 Topic Web

Primary 5 Overview

Primary 6-7 Topic web and overview



Term 1 201718

Family Fun Night - Shetland Theme! Friday 15th September 6 to 8pm Supper, Games and Dancing £5 per family

School Improvement Plan and Standard and Quality Report 201718

Dates for your diary - whole year!

Primary 1 - 2 Term 1 Overview

Primary 1-2 Term 1 Topic Web

Primary 3 Term 1 Overview

Primary 3 Term 1 Topic Web

Primary 4 Term 1 Overview

Primary 5 Term 1 Overview

Primary 6-7 Term 1 Overview

Please note that these are general plans and many pupils will receive individualised plans.

Term 4 Overviews

Primary 1 Term 4 Overview

Primary 2 Term 4 Overview

Primary 1 Term 4 Topic Overview

Primary 2 Term 4 Topic Overview

Primary 6-7 Term 4 Overview

Primary 3-5 Term 4 Overview

Primary 3-5 Term 4 Overview Second Level


Internet Safety

Information on Internet Safety for Young People

Information for Parents on Internet Safety

Plans for Term 3

Primary 1 Term 3a Overvew

Primary 2 Term 3a Overview

Primary 6-7 Overview term 3a

Term 3 Overview for P3-5 will be availabe soon

Parent Pay Letter re Opting in or out

Term 3 Diary Dates

Edinburgh Trip Letter

Don't forget to check out the P1-2 Blog

If you wish a reply, contact us, by clicking here

Information for Parents 2016-17

2016-17 Calendar

School Improvement Plan for Parents 2016-17

Term 1 Letter to Parents

School Improvement Plan and Standards and Quality Report Sept16

Targets for Pupils 201617

Themes for this Term are:

Whole school - Roald Dahl and Harvest

P1-2 Myself

First Level Overview Term1 201617

First Level Topic Information for Parents/Pupils Term 1 201617


P3-5 My Landscape

First Level Overview of Targets for P3-5

Second Level Overview of Targets for P5

P6-7 Brazil, Olympics and Ancient Greeks

Overview for P6-7 Ancient Greeks and Brazil


Targets for Pupils 201516

Term 3b Overview for P4,5

Term 3b Overview for P2,3,4

Parent Pay Letter

Primary 1-2 Term 3a Overview for Early Level

Primary 1-2 Overview for Term 3a First Level

Primary 2-5 Term 3 Overview First Level

Primary 2-5 Term 3 Overview Second Level

Primary 5-7 Term 3a Overview

Primary 1-2 Term 2 Overview

Primary 2-5 Term 2 Overview

Primary 2-5 Overview Term 2 Second level

Primary 5-7 Term 2 Overview

Abridged Improvement Plan 2015

Improvement Plan for 201415 with Evaluations

Improvement Plan in detail for 1516


Overview Targets P1-2

Overview Targets P2-5 First Level

Overview Targets P2-5 Second Level

Overview Targets P5-7

Menu Week 1

Menu Week 2

Menu Week 3

Menus Week 4

School Handbook 15-16

Calendar for 15-16

2013-14 Standards and Quality Report

Abridged Version of 2014-15 Improvement Plan

Improvement Plan only 2014-15

Transport Communication Update 150514

School Meals Briefing August 14

School Meals Briefing August 14 Attach

Improvement Plan 2013-14

Improvement Plan - condensed version

The Curriculum for Excellence Learner Journey Explained

Hamnavoe Aims and Visions

Hamnavoe School Handbook 2012 to 2013

The school regularly revises and updates its school policies. Click on the links below to read the recently updated policies. Other policies will feature as and when they have been reviewed.

Behaviour Policy

Standards and Quality Report September 2012

Language Policy 2010

Reading Policy 2010

Writing Policy 2010

Talking and Listening Policy 2010

Additional Support Needs and Inclusive Practice Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy

Complaints Procedures Revised 2008

Communications Policy

Links with Business and Enterprise Policy

Health Promotion Policy

Early Years Framework Policy







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