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Mrs Helen Robertson


Hamnavoe Primary School,
Burra Isle,
United Kingdom

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(01595) 807440

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(01595) 807442

Our Community



Burra is situated on the West Side of Shetland. Burra Isle comprises the islands of East and West Burra and is connected by bridge to Trondra and so by bridge to Mainland. Hamnavoe is the main settlement and is 5 miles from Scalloway. Bridge-End is the other main settlement on the island.

The population of Burra is around 875 people. There are two community halls at Hamnavoe and Bridge-End. The primary school is situated in Hamnavoe and has a current roll of 66 pupils. There is a Mother and Toddler Group which meets in Hamnavoe Public Hall and Burra Early Years for Pre-school Children which feeds into the local primary school. We have excellent links with Burra Early Years and our Early Years staff work very closely to ensure pupils transition successfully to Primary School.

The link below will give you more information about Burra and Trondra. It also provides you with information about other parts of Shetland that you might like to visit.

Around Hamnavoe

Read all about Hamnavoe in our Slide show from P3.

Hamnavoe Slideshow P3

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Burra and Trondra

Snow scene of Burra

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