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Harvest Festival 2017

Welcome Back Everyone! Term 1 2017-18


Hamnavoe celebrated Harvest with a "come along" assembly in the Pink Hall. 35 bags of groceries were donated to decorate the hall and distribute to people in the community. P6-7 put all the produce out which included home grown corn on the cob and delicious, homemade scones and bannocks. The hall was full with family and friends and the Burra Pre-school group come along too. Each class did a short performance and the whole school opened and closed the festival with uplifting singing. After the festival the food was shared out and the children took the Harvest Bags home with them and delivered them to the person they had nominated.

Harvest HarvestHarvest

Primary 1-2 sing Oats and Barley grow

Harvest Harvest

Primary 3 told us all about Shetland crofting in the past. They also taught us some fantastic dialect phrases like BLACK FANTIN!

Harvest Harvest

Primary 4-5 read us their FOOD rhyming poetry. Some made us laugh!

Harvest HarvestHarvest

Primary 6-7 told us all about Succot the Jewish Harvest Festival.

Harvest HarvestHarvest

Enthusiastic singers! Happy Harvest everyone!

All the videos will be posted on the Hamnavoe Primary P1/2 Blog. It's easy to find using any search engine.

Emergent Literacy RAISING ATTAINMENT IN LITERACY September 2017

Today our Primary 1 2 parents came in to find out about how to support their children in their emergent literacy skills. If you are keen to know more check out the Highland Literacy website.

Family Fun Night - Shetland Theme - FAMILY ENGAGEMENT September 2017

The families from Hamnavoe attended Family Fun Night on Friday from 6 to 8 pm. There was a huge turn out. A finger buffet was enjoyed followed by games, Shetland dancing and a quiz. The music was provided by Peter Wood and Graham and really added to the atmosphere. This is a yearly event where we welcome all out new families into our school community and play together as families. Lots of grandparents also came along. It was so great to see so many people attending.

Family funfamily funfamily funfamily funfamily funfamily funfamily funfamily funfamily fun

Scottish Maths Week - RAISING ATTAINMENT IN NUMERACY September 2017

Everyone at Hamnavoe has been getting extra excited about Maths this week. As part of the drive to push up attainment in Numeracy Scottish Maths Week has been started. This week we took part in the National Sumdog competition, baking, had a Maths Day and ran a special Maths Golden Time. This has all created a buzz around the area of Maths.

P1-2 had almost all their parents in for a Active Maths session on Thursday afternoon. We were delighted to see so many family getting involved with the Maths. The pupils were really excited to show the adults how they are learning maths and how much they love number work.

Maths Week1 Maths Week 2Maths Week 3

Maths Week 4Maths Week 5Maths Week 6

All the tasks pupils were engaged with are part of the SEAL approach to Numeracy learning.

Primary 4 and 5 had a whole day of Maths on Wednesday. Pupils really enjoyed all the activities - they loved baking for our family night and got all the measuring spot on!

The whole school did a Maths Golden Time. There was Spell building (measure) Bingo (number recognition) Orienteering (map reading amd problem solving) Playdough Making ( measure) and Potato printing and pattern making.

orienteeringorienteering 2orienteering 3

orienteering 4


Primary 3 are learning about Shetland. They made bannocks with Grace. They tasted so good.

bannocks bannocksbannocks

We have an exciting year ahead. We have new appointments in Primary 4-5 with Lisa Odie as their new class teacher. Mrs Jamieson is teaching P6-7 with Mrs Robertson at present. We also welcome Shannon Thomason as a Learning Support Worker in our Early Years.

Primary 1 have all settle in well and have been to school for two full days this week. They all enjoyed attending Whole school Golden Time and Star Badge Assembly. They all look very smart in their new uniforms.

This week all classes have attended Screen Play at Mareel sponsored by Shetland Arts. Each class watched a lovely movie prfectly pitched at their age group. They also attended workshops and had trips to the Museum.

Please look on the Parents Tab for all the teaching plans for each class this term. The dates letter has been emailed out.



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