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Welcome to Hamnavoe Primary School!


Hamnavoe Primary School is a Primary school, which serves the community of Burra.  Starting the session 2019/20 the school roll comprises of 77 pupils and 6 members of teaching staff including those designated to support pupils with additional support needs. We have 4 classes. P1,P2-3, P4-5 and P5-7. We also have travelling teachers and instructors who visit us to take lessons in Music, Art and P.E. We has a part-time Learning Support Assistant and three full-time Learning Support Workers.

Hamnavoe Primary School is an integral part of the community both educationally and socially and maintains close links with parents.

The school provides a welcoming, safe and caring environment in which each pupil is valued and supported. We have an ‘Open Door’ policy, which allows parents freedom to visit whenever they wish and for whatever reason. Hamnavoe Primary has a Nurturing Ethos.

Our Values and Aims reflect our seafaring community.

Values and Aims 201920

Please visit the Parents Page for Letters, Overviews etc. Photos of Learning will now be posted on the Class Dojo.

For help with Parent Pay for paying for lunches please contact: Caroline Sandison 01595807440

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Term 1 2017-2018


Leavers Assembly June 2017

Our excellent pupils left today. They are all ready for moving for the High School. They all made speeches and they made a super job of them. Mr Bennet retired today. As a surprise the pupils in P6-7 had prepared an arrangement of Hamnavoe Polka. Mr Wood helped them and they played the piece as a full band. He received a beautiful photo and a gift voucher from the school community. Our P7's received handmade cards, calculators and their Achievement folders.

Mr Bennet retires

speeches 1

speeches 2

speeches 3


speeches 5


speeches 7

speeches 9

Beach Day

We carried on the tradition of going to the beach for a barbecue to celebrate the end of term and have a fun day out for Primary 7. The weather held and it was a good day for paddling and lots of creative activities in the sand. Mr Kirkness did PE on the beach with rounder and football for everyone in the afternoon.

Beach `1 beach 2beach 3

beach 4beach 5beach 6

beach 7summer 8summrt 10

beach 11beach 13beach 14

beach 14beach 15beach 16

Sports Day

We had a great sports with everyone participing really well. There were lots of fun races and some serious ones too - like the Dad's race! The round the pitch was very tough but everyone in the whole school completed. The overall winners were the Red Team with Blue second and White third. Lots of parents came along and watched the races.

crawling dadssports day 3

sports 4sports 5sports 6

sports 6sports 7sports 9

sports 10sports 10sports 11

sports 13

Winners of the Inter Schools Football Plate Competition are...Hamnavoe! Yay!

Footbal 1 RossFootball 2

football 3Netball 2

Hamnavoe football team had a really successful day at the Inter Schools football tournament. The result to the group stages meant that they went into the Plate competition. They went on to beat Whalsay 1 - 0 in thge Semi and beat Bells Brae B in the Final 3-0. They were very good sports. Ross Young was nominated to lift the trophy by the team manager and proudly presented it to his team. Well done everyone.

Our netball team joined the Inter Schools Netball competition for the first time. They gave a great account of themselves and played very well.

Netball 1netball 2

Sports Day 2017 - photos to follow

School Photo orders to be returned on Monday 19th June. Return slips from Reports please on Monday 19th June.

School Photos for you to view

Photo whole

Photo 1

photo 2

Photo 3

Term 4

Coffee Morning Raises £1421.90 - £1120.90 for the school and a further £301 for Charities chosen by our pupils

Our annual coffee morning was a fantastic success. Pupils in Primary 6-7 ran their own mini enterprises to raise money for charities they were passionate about. They chose Cancer Research, Drugs Dogs, Project Bongo and WWF for Tigers. They all had games stalls which created a lots of fun and competition. The usual delicious homebakes were on sale and big raffe of donated prizes. The funds raised will go towards more learning materials for the school.

Edinburgh Trip 2017

What a week! P6-7 have had an action packed week of activies in Edinburgh. Read some of their recounts.



tea at cosmos

arcade fun

tea at cosmos

ross on the rock





dilon boulder

corn snake

elise tarantla

bannock burn

dynamic earth

camera obscura

concorde P6

concorde 7s


Edinburgh Trip Recount by Lowrie

Edinburgh Trip Recount by David

Photos to follow

P1-2 Trip to Mareel to a Show, the Flower Park and the Library - What a lovely day!

Children's stories to follow

Generation Science Hamnavoe

Today we learned about Electricity. Total had sponsored the show to come from Glasgow. We learned all about how much our power costs and were warned about some forms of power running out like coal, gas and oil! The show was very engaging and energetic. It really made us think!


Dogs Against Drugs Visit P6-7

Dog Handler Michael Coutts visited our school today with his two drugs dogs - Blade and Thor. They are both Golden Labradors. They are the best dogs for this job as they have the best noses! Michael led us through some interactive questions and helped us understand more about drugs. He taught us to be open minded and to make good choices. He also showed us how to put someone into the recovery position and talked about the Golden Hour for saving a life. He had many stories to tell, which brought the session to life! We were shocked to hear about the different drugs available in Shetland. We were impressed with how the dogs detected the drugs. We loved meeting them and thought they were very impressive.

To read more check out the website:


drugs1 drugs2drugs3

drugs4drugs6drugs 6

drugs 8

Fashion show and School Trip Fund Raising Success

Pupils, family and friends of Primary 5 to 7 put on a Fashion Show with M & Co on Wednesday 26th April. Pupils were very confident in strutting their stuff on the red carpet and showed personality and attitude. This was the final event planned for fundraising towards the P5-7 residential trip to Edinburgh in May. The Big Raffle was also drawn with the first prize of a trip on the Northlink for four going to one of our school cooks - Susan Laurenson! Many events have been organised by the group - three discos, a Burns Supper, a Big Raffle and a Fashion Show. Well done to everyone who have worked hard at this across the year. The raffle raised a fantastic £1615 and the entry for the show was £340. Well done everyone - a great team effort!

Fashion 1

Fashio2 Fashion 3

fashion 4fashion 5fashion 6

fashion 8fasshion 9fashionj 10fashion 11fashion 12fashion 16

fashion 14fashion 15fashion 13

Annual Spring Clean Up - 20 bags of litter - Oh Dear!

The school got their rubber gloves on and hi vis vests and cleaned up Hamnavoe on Friday 21st April. As usual we cleaned the village, play areas and the shore. 20 bags of litter was picked up with the majority being plastic items like bottles, wrap for feed from crofts and rope and twine from fishing boats. We have found that it will take 450,000,000 years for this to fully disappear which is shocking. So Hamnavoe please take care to put your litter in the bin.

Voar redd up 4Voar redd up 2Voar redd up 3Voar Redd up 1

Faith and Action

Pupils in P6-7 are learning about how people take action based on their beliefs and values. They will be meeting lots of people from Shetland who have done remarkable things and learning about people from World Religions who have taken action because of their faith. Last week we learned about two people who believed that all children should get an education - Malala and Mr Davis. Malala was shot in Pakistan for going to school by the Taliban and now recovered from her terrible injuries she campaigns for women's rights. Mr Davis went to work in Ghana to help educate teachers. When he arrived in Bongo he found that children weren't going to school because they spent their day fetching water from a pump 2 miles away. He has set up his own charity and raises funds to build water pumps in schoo grounds so that the children and the community can get water and the children can go to school.

Faith 1

Check out the charity and the fantastic work it has done at the website above.



Hamnavoe celebrates Spring with a Festival in the Pink Hall

The school community gathered together on Wednesday 29th March in the Pink Hall. The Early Years group and many family came along to support the children. Each class shared their learning on Spring and Easter. P6-7 played a tranquil instrumental piece by John Michelle Jarr called Junks at Sunset and sang an Easter Song in French, P1-2 entertained us with their spring poems and P3-5 retold the Easter Story. Mrs Robertson and Mrs Moffat did a play where they accidentally smashed Michael's Lego. The moral of the tale was that it is important to Forgive. Forgiveness being a very important theme of the Easter Story. Mr Conabeer shared a story from the bible about doubting Thomas and led a prayer. In support of Cancer Research £78 was donated as a retiring collection. thank you everyone and Happy Easter!

spring 1 spring2spring 3

spring 4spring 5spring 6


Hamnavoe Pupil comes first in Shetland in the Sumdog competition. P6-7 were 5th overall.

Well done Lois for having the most correct answers over the week. 960 out of 1000 is awesome!


Aidan P3 also got a top 10 place.

RED NOSE DAY - £255.00 Raised! Great Total Guys

red nose1red nose 2 red nose 3

red nose 4red nose 5red nose 6

We have done a Sing-a-long-aton, Dodgeball-athon, Dance-athon, Creat-athon and a Jokeathon from Red Nose Day. Lots of fun was had by all. The teaching staff wore moustaches and dressed up. A super total was raised. Pupils were keen to support charities who help children have better lives in the UK and Oversees like Hassan a child who was orphaned in Siera Leone because of the Ebola Crisis.

Enterprising Pupils hold a Burns Supper for their Families and Friends

Burns Supper Story

Preparing the veg! We get it all done in just 1 hour.






Tesco kindly donate lots of Haggis.

Setting up the Hall. The decorations have been made over the past few weeks.


Pupils serve drinks, entertain, serve the food, read poetry and enjoy the company.


Pupils play an arrangement of the Skye Boat Song



The Haggis is piped in by Mr Wood our Accordian teacher. Logan carries the haggis and cuts it open during the Address tae a Haggis read very well by Caitlin.



Dinner is served.



P6-7 poets read their own poetry inspired by Robbie Burns.


Burns40Burns41Tae a Mouse!


Article about Internet Safety Night

Internet Safety 1Internet Safety 2Internet Safety 3

FIRE FESTIVAL 2017 - Hamnavoe welcomes the Jarl squad 13.1.17

The Jarl Squad visited the school as part of the Fire Festival celebrations. The school children from Primary 6 and 7 had written them a special song and the whole school performed it with Peter Wood and our Accordian group to the Jarl - Hakon Magnusson and his squad. Pupils have been immensely enthusiastic about preparing for the Fire Festival and have made their own shields, axes and torches as well as producing some lovely art work inspired by the North Lights and the Vikings. Primary 1-2 elected their own Jarl - Jake, and have been doing Scottish Dancing which is always a feature of the Fire Festival.

A Fire Festival themed Golden Time took place in the morning and our 3 star pupils - James M, Caroline and Hanna received special Fire Festival Star Badges from the Jarl.

fire 1

Fire 2Fire 3

Fire 4Fire 5Fire 6

Fire 7Fire 8Fire 9

fire 10fire 11fire 12

fire 13fire 14fire 15

fire 16fire 19fire 20

fire 21fire22fire23fire23fire24fire24firte25fire26fire27

The community joined the pupils and staff giving everyone a perfect chance to see the suits and catch up with friends and family in the Jarl Squad.


Christmas Carol Service

The school led a School Carol service with audience singing, story telling, instrumental performances and Christmas songs.

carols1 carols2carols3





Miss Saunders receives a Burra Bear to remind her of her time at Hamnavoe.



Mrs Williamson has left and is concentrating on being a Mum - a very worthwhile job.


Christmas Party

Pupils danced their way through the afternoon and then Santa arrived...

santa1party2 party3


Christmas Show Delights Crowd

The Ordinary Ox by Lewis D

Wow what a show. Pupils at Hamnavoe put on a fantastic music where the Ordinary Ox stars as the quiet toy who no one notices until he reminds them that it was an Ox that witnessed the birth of baby Jesus at the first Christmas.

Pupis demonstrated excellent skill in drama and music. Their performance was stunning. Well done to everyone involved.












Hamnavoe Gritter Winners 2016

Three children won the name the new gritter competion. The names chosen were Sir Sat A Lot and Snow Angel.







Swimming Gala 2016

Penguins win in close competition

On Tuesday the 6th December pupils from all classes showed off their swimming skills in the annual swimming gala. Mr Kirkness (our new PE teacher) organised a morning of fun races to showcase all the work our pupils have been doing in the pool. A group of parents gathered to watch the pupils and their was a lovely supportive atmosphere. Captains - Ross, Sofia and Aimee helped organise the swimmers and were super at encouraging the young ones in their races. Later they led their teams very successfully and eventually the result was that the Penguins won. With only 4 races to go their were only 4 points between the teams so it was a very exciting finish.

The trophy was awarded to the Penguins captain - Sofia - and everyone got a 1st Place sticker. The Whales and Dophins also received stickers for their efforts.

penguins team

The Penguins take first place.


The Whales come second.

gala 2

Well done Dophins on your third place.

Congratulations also go to six swimmers from Hamnavoe who recently attended the interschools gala at the Clickimin Centre. They were selected from pupils at Hamnavoe and Burra. They all swam very well and enjoyed the occasion enormously. Well done to Lewis D, Hanna, Ross, Sofia, Seb and Aimee. Special congratulations to Hanna who came home with a medal!

Children in Need

Hamnavoe You Are Awesome! £658 for our Walk With Pudsey Friday 18th November 2016

Today the community of Burra turned out to join the school in our Walk with Pudsey around the village of Hamnavoe. The weather was beautiful with a power blue sky and everyone managed three laps of Hamnavoe. There was teas and homebakes at the end and Peter Wood kept us all entertained. Pudsey led the walk. There was a super atmosphere and Pudsey was cuddled and high fived many times. He was pretty good at a dab too! Primary 6/7 provided all the homebakes and our Primary 7 are hosting Children in Need Give Us a Tune tonight on BBC Radio Shetland at 6.10 pm. They are really excited about it. A super afternoon was had by all.

Walk with Pudsey 1 Walk with Pudsey 2

Walk with Pudsey 3Walk with Pudsey 4

Walk with Pudsey 5Walk with Pudsey 6

Walk with Pudsey 8Walk with Pudsey 8

Walk with Pudsey 10Walk with Pudsey 11

Walk with Pudsey 12Walk with Pudsey 13

Walk with Pudsey 14

Walk with Pudsey 13

Check out the P1-2 Blog link for more photos of the event.


Book Fair and Family fun night raises £612.35 for Raising Attainment through Reading

Harvest donations raise £88.03 for supporting The Uncontactable Awa tribe in the Amazonian Rainforest

Term 1 Harvest

Harvest 1


Harvest 2

Harvest 3

Harvest 4

Harvest 5


Harvest 7

Harvest 8


Harvest 11

Harvest 12

Harvst 13

Harvest 14

The church was beautifully decorated with foods and flowers donated by the school community. All of this was divided up and delivered to people in our community who were nominated for a gift. The gifts were greatly appreciated.

Term 1 201617 - Book Week and Roald Dahl Day

It's been a very exciting week at Hamnavoe Primary. All week classes have been specially focused on the author Roald Dahl. He would have celebrated his 100th birthday on Tuesday had he been alive - making this one even more special. Each day classes have enjoyed Dahl poems, stories, rhymes and film. They have also learned about his life. Finding our that he was a fighter pilot in the Second World War and if it hadn't been for being injured he might never have discovered his love for writing. We also held a book fair where the community could buy new and second hand childrens books. The proceeds from which will go towards the school library - which could do with a few new things!

Today it has been dress up for Dahl Day. We have had Oompaloompas. Matildas, Sofies, Georges, Crocodiles, Willy Wonkas and Granpa Bucket as well as many others. The Head Teacher transformed herself into Miss Trunchbull and everyone is glad she is now back to normal! The winners of the fancy dress where Stan (BFG), Willem (Crocodile) and Oompaloompa (David). A fantastic effort had been put into the costumes by children and parents. There was also the Cake design competition and the winners of this were Lois S. and Alfie R.

During the school day pupils moved around four stations. There was technology where pupils used ICT do design sweet wrappers. There was creative BFG art where pupils designed and made Dream Catchers. In Granma Bucket's class pupils engaged in food experiments and experienced lots of goo and gloop! There was also lots of great Art done with Mrs Burr where pupils enjoyed working on drawings of Dahl's characters.


Science can be surprising!

Measure 2

Dahlicious Gloop!

measure 3

What a slester!

measure 4

Colourful skittle science!

Measeure 4

BFG was this big! P3-5 do measure.

P3-5 measure

Accuracy is important!

measure 7

Team work on measure

Primary 1-2

Primary 1-2 dress up


Matilda reads a story

dream catchers


Dahlicious Cooks

Dahlicious Canteen Cooks

school lunch


Al Dressed up



The Golden Ticket winners all received £5 to spend in the book fair.

A great week raising awareness of reading and how enjoyable books can be!


We hope you have all had a nice summer break. Welcome to all our new pupils and staff. Primary 1 have very quickly settled in. Last week they all got used to their new surroundings and really enjoyed playing in the school grounds at break times. They have really loved their school dinners. This week they have started to learn their sounds. They have been starting to write their news and have all got their first reading books home.

P1 First DayP1 write their newsP1 write their news  2In the libarylunchlunch2P1 sriting

The Libary now has a number of new laptops. Primary 6-7 are enjoying working at their Maths using new on-line learning resources. These are also available for pupils to practise maths skills at home.

Primary 6-7 computers computers 2

Term 4

Leavers Assembly and Summer Fun in the Sun ...and rain!

At the Leaver's Assembly we al wished our amazing Primary 7's all the very best for the future. Lonnie, Katie and Aaron are all very excited about starting at the Anderson High School in August. They all made lovely leaving speeches and delivered these very confidently. They received scientific calculators and a book to read over the summer. All the children received prize books which is a tradition that had been going on in the school since it opened. They were all very excited about their prizes especially Primary 1.

We were all treated to some lovely Music from our piano and accordian pupils and our Tin Whistle band. The slow air they performed was very moving and showed just how far they have come since Mr Mcmullan started the band in October. They all surprised Mr Mcmullan by playing a tune they had practised specially for him. It was his last day with us at Hamnavoe and he will be a great miss. He had made a fantastic contribution to the school and has been very popular with the children and staff. He is returning to Ireland to further his career and we wish him well.

Mrs Leask retired today. She has been a part time teacher here for 11 years. The community all turned out to wish her all the best for her retirement. Mr McNiven has also hung up his trainers and has retired after teaching here for some time.


Michael 2



All our leaving and retiring teachers were presented with gift and and cards from the school community. They all wish to thank everyone for their generosity.

The Beach Day and Lunch


beach 2


beach 4

No BBQ this year. We were rained off. The cooks came up trumphs with a fab lunch and ice-cream cones.


The whole school enjoying the morning playing at the beach in the sun. Goodbye to our P7's. Good Luck


Sports Day - Red Team wins overall in a closely fought competition

This year it was an Olympics theme with our medals sporting the Olympic Rings. We had 8 non-competitive events and 3 competitive events as well as a visit from the Early Years group who all did the flat race. There were many fantastic performances with pupils giving all the events their all in an effort to earn lots of points for their team. In the end the Reds triumphed with the Whites second and Blues third. Well done on a great sports day.









Puppets Workshop - A fantastic opportunity for imaginative story making, talking, listening and performing

A puppeteer visited Hamnavoe Primary and delivered three very exciting workshops to the children. He brought 200 puppets which pupils all had opportunities to use. They each had their own puppet and all took part in a performance of three short plays. They were encouraged to make up stories, characters, talk to their puppet, put on voices and work together.

puppets1 puppets2puppets3




As you can see it was all great fun and hugely engaging.

Sports Day

Cycle Friendly School Award Arrives

cycle friendly school aard

This year we have enjoyed cycling to school and cycle events in school. Over the past 3 months everyone has been working towards this award. Many pupils cycle to school and are very aware of their safety doing this. We have had an assembly with a local cycle celebrity - Caroline Simpson - who last year won a silver medal at the Island Games. She showed us all her special equipment and shared how we could get more into cycling. We have had bikes in the playground days, a challenging cycle assault course and bike games. We also deliver cycle training. Well done everyone and keep pedalling!

P5-7 John Muir Adventure Day the WILD in HAMNAVOE

Wild Walk in Scatness - P6 and 7's have another adventure

scatness1scatness2 scatness3




This was another fantastic adventure led by the Outdoor Education Team. The highlights were crossing the causeway where a water spout was and eating our lunch in a Bockhouse which is about 2000 years old and was inhabited during the Iron Age. We love the wild! Shetland is amazing.

Our Primary 5-7's had an Outdoor learning day exploring and discovering the wild of Hamnavoe. As part of the John Muir Scheme they were experiencing different coastal places where they lived. They discovered lots of wildlife and did exciting and challenging activities like boulder hopping, rock climbing, exploring a sea cave, exploring a beach and rockpools and enjoying being ourdoors all day.


A google map of our coastline.

coast 2 coast3

coast 4coast 5

Lots of wildfloers live in the meadows and marsh land near our school.

cost 6coast 6

cost 7dog welks

coast 8coast 9

The Urmalees Beach is mostly grey smooth stones. We collected stones with a seem of quartz in them. We found lots of creatures living in the rock pools.

explor9ingexploring 2

Lichen growing on the rocks is a sign of little pollution. Dead Mans Beard makes the rocks feel prickly.

discovery table coastline

We put our finds on the bench and thought about what they told us.

The coastline is very varied. There are sandy beaches, stony beaches, craggy headlands, cliffs, a boulder yard and jagged rocks. Pupils explored the rocky scenery and challenged themselves by finding routes across the rocks. Staff provided encouragement and advice for children who were less confident with crossing the rocks.

coastline 8coastline 9

coastline 13coastline14

seagull eggthe groups

rock ramblesrock rambles 2

rock rambles 3rock rambles 4

Pupils explored the Muckle Loch which is a large tidal pool. In 1960 local men blocked off the end with cement so that it stayed full so that they could swim there. It has some sea weed and barnacles growing in it.

The Fuglaness Lighthouse is the school logo. We walked to it crossing the Hurds which is a boulder yard.


hurds 3hurds 4

Pupils learned the names of the local landscape using OS Maps.

Mappingmapping 2

Pupils were helped down into the Sea Cave. The entrance is hidden and takes you down under the headland at Pundsta. The cave comes out into the sea. It has a narrow entrance and is full of rounded pebbles. There is a rope ladder into the cave.

sea cavesea cave 1

sea cave 3sea cave 4

Our John Muir day was fantastic. The pupils all gained a lot and learned about their local environment.

Primary 1 and 2 Visit the Sand Gairdens and Michaels Wood

Sand Saidenssand gaidens

The blog link for the P1-2 page.

Read all about P1-2 and what they are up to. Please leave a comment.





£1723.22 raised for our school fund and the Little Princess Trust


There was a great turn out to support the school in our annual fundraiser. Pupils were very involved and ran the stalls and games area. The Parent Council ran the teas and raffle. This year we were fundraising for reading resources to support our target to raise attainment in reading.

Following the success of our event the whole set of Floppy's Phonics will be purchased for Primary 1 and 2.

Pupils in Primary 5 to 7 identified the Princess Trust as the charity that would benefit from their stalls and games. There was LUCKY LOLLIES, COOKIES, LUCKY DIP, NERF WAR, BALL STALL, GUESS THE SWEETS and many more. Our Enterprising pupils were delighted with their total. They all enjoyed serving the public, marketing their stall and working with money. The Princess Trust will get £227.00. Well done P5-7.

coffee morning

Cookie Stall

coffee morning 2

Lucky Lollies

coffee morning 3

The Wool Stall - still some left!

coffee morning 5

Bric a Brac

coffee morning 6

Lucky Jars were very popular

coffee morning 7coffee morning 8

Lucky Dip

coffee morning 9

Ball Shy

coffee morning 9

Nerf War

coffee morning 11

Family Fun

coffee morning 12

Unhealthy Tuckshop

coffee monring 13

Skipping Challenge became very competitive once the rowers got involved

coffee morning 14

The girls keep count - Marvin wins on the last skip of the day!

Hockey After school Club and Hockey Festival

The Hamnavoe Hockey Team had a very successful trip to the annual festival for primary schools in Shetland. They played a number of small schools from across the Islands and won every game. Thanks to our parent helpers who made this trip possible and help out with the Club. We now plan to take part in a monthly tournament at Brae. Well done to all our players.

Active Maths with P1-2

Primary 1-2 have been learning about growing. As part of their topic work they have been doing lots of Measuring. They are measuring their sunflowers and their Rocket Seeds. They have also been investigating Capacity.

Avtive Maths 1

Being accurate

active Maths 2

Testing predictions

active maths 3

Which holds the most and least

Active Maths 4

Sorting and discovering

Swan Trips for P5-7 Shetland's Sail Training Vessel

Three groups of 10 pupils and 2 adults were treated to a days sailing on the West Side of Shetland. Pupils learned to tie knots and do all the jobs needed on deck. Some were able to steer the boat under the Skippers guidance. Pupils and Crew worked together as a team to hoist the sails. Wednesday and Thursday saw fantastic sunny days and light winds. Friday was grey and a bit choppy but Mr McMullan and his brave 10 managed very well in the conditions.

Many thanks to the Swam Trust for making this possible. Some of our pupils would love to repeat the trip again and go further!

swan 1

Leaving Hamnavoe Pier

swan 2

Coiling the rope

swan 3

Oscar Charlie does an exercise nearby

swan 5

Hanna gives Oscar Charlie a wave

swan 6

Rory shows us some knot tieing

swan 7

Hoisting the sail

swan 8

Team work

swan 9

Seb directs his team

The Big Pedal is a Massive Success

In the week of 25th to 29th April a very high percentage of pupils at our school took their bikes or scooters to school. The weather was very harsh and on two days there was high winds, snow and hail. Several brave pupils and parents beat the elements and cycled in every day. Dillon and Bobby cycled many miles and were our top cyclists. They are due to recieve an award from some Shetland Cycle Celebrites later in the term.

We achieved our goal which was to encourage our children to think about a healthier journey to and from school for them and the environment. We also celebrated bike week with a special Cycle Rodeo where pupils played games on their bikes and scooters and rode cross country. Our next event is planned for June 2nd! P67 will also be doing Bikeability in June.

big pedal 1

Safety brief with the JRSO's

big pedal 2

Paper round game

big pedal 3

A very small paper boy

big pedal 4

The whole school gets involved

big pedal 5

Practising some manovers

big pedal 6

Our brave boys from the South End who cycled in all weathers.

big pedal7

Setting off for home. The road users all wear high vis!


big pedal 10

Taking a tight bend

big pedal 11

Practising a steep hill

big pedal 13

Crazy curves

big pedal 14

Lewis does the hill - he only learned his bike last year

big pedal 14

Zoom! Bike day is great fun.


Big Pedal Flier

The Space Seeds have arrived

Primary 1 and 2 are participating in a National Project with the Royal Horticultural Society. They have received seeds which have been to the Space station! The experiment is to find out whether Zero Gravity improves growth. This may be significant in the future! We will keep you up to date with their progress.

19 bags of rubbish collected during the Voar Redd Up

The Whole school and parents took the afternoon to clean up Hamnavoe. The amount of rubbish in the village continues to get less each year. Last year we collected 22 bags so this year was less. Again the main items were plastics, rope and net. The Marina area was the messiest with lots of bottles, plastics and rope being washed ashore there. Please remember - Dunna Chuck Bruck!

Voar redd up 1

Voar redd up 2

Voar redd up 3

redd up 4

redd up 5

voar redd up 7

redd up 8

voar redd up 9

Maybe next year we can have less rubbish again.


Term 3 News

Celebrating Easter

Spring is in the air and pupils have been busy learning about Easter and Spring. Their work was celebrated in a special assembly in the Pink Hall. Primary 1-2 read us Spring poems they had written and entertained us with their song about Speckled Frogs. They have been watching the frogs in the pond. They learned some basic sign language from Leanna and used it in their song.

Primary 2-5 sang Petite Lapin in French. They sang in a round and showed us how their French is improving.

Primary 5-7 have been doing Creative Dance in class PE time. They performed their crofting dance to a Shetland Reel.

We also had items from the Music Festival and Mrs Robertson presented the certificates.

As is one of our school traditions we rolled eggs on the last day of term. This is always great fun.

Easter 1

Easter 2

Easter 3

Easter 5

Easter 6

Pupils and family members opened Resurrection eggs and found items that symbolised the story of Easter.

French song


croft 2

croft 3

Friday Golden Time has a easter theme.

easter eggs

Egg Rolling Fun!

egg rolling

egg rolling 2

egg rolling 3

Egg rolling 4

egg rolling 5

egg rolling 6


Learning about Viking and Pictish History

What amazing models of Viking and Pictish dwellings.


long house

£162 raised for Sport Relief

The School community got their trainers on and walked, ran, cycled, scootered, hoola hooped, cartwheeled for Sport Relief. Each class moved around 4 activities and younger brothers and sisters also took part. In total the school clocked up 232 kilometres in 40 minutes. That's all the way to Norway!


The assault course was popular!


Balance is very important.

obstacle course

Fraser tackles the obstacle course

relief 4

P1's climb the hill. How many laps can they do?

sport relief 6

It's a long way to the top!


Alfie sprints past


Carole our community officer helps out.


Mrs Leask totals up the number of Kilometres.


Jake collects his medal from Carol for travelling the furthest in P.1 Aidan won the P2-3 competition, Seb and Kegan won the P5 competition and Dillon travelled the furthest in P6-7. Well done boys for working so hard.

Solos and Duets

Katie, Paige and Ella all performed very well in the Vocal Duet and Piano Solos. Their pieces were well executed and it was clear that they were well rehearsed. Silvers and Bronze awards were all well deserved.

Hamnavoe Has a Successful Day at the Schools Music Festival 15.3.16

Our school put on four top performances at the Shetland Music Festival today. Our P5-7's sang two songs - Patience and a Ton of Love, they played an instrumental piece written specially for them by Mr Bennet called Peaceful Day, they played a drumming set called Jollie and our Tin Whistle Out of School Club played The Rakes of Mallow. Each piece was given an evaluation by the adjudicator and the school was awarded two Gold Awards and two Silver Awards. Well done to everyone for your effort this term at your music it has really paid off!


music festival 1

music festival 3

music festival 2

We hope to have a video on out school Blog tomorrow!

School Trip Fundraiser - Circus Disco takes in £250 11.3.16

school disco

school disco 2

Next May P5-7 will be going to Edinburgh and Glasgow. We have now had two discos organised by pupils and parents to fund raise towards this. Next year we will have a big raffle and a family night.



Confucious Institute at Sandwick Junior High opened today. 23.2.16

Pupils from our Primary 6 and 7 had a very special experience last week when they joined pupils from across Shetland to witness the opening of the Mandarin classroom in Sandwick. Pupils have been learning Mandarin and joined in the celebrations watching the Chinese Opera performance and joining in with all the pupils in a song in Mandarin. Many important people were there, some from China. Mrs Zhang will be back in Hamnavoe before the end of term.



mandarin 3

mandarin 4

mandarin 5

mandarin 6

manarin 7

Pupils were greatly entertained by the amazing gymnastic and comedic performances of the Sichuan Theatre.

Pupils Make Mothers Day Cards 4.3.16


Great detail Tegan!

mothers day

We are happy outside with Mum. Tiylor Age 5

Pupils from Hamnavoe entertain at the local Church on Mothers Day 6.3.16

singers at church

A quartet sing These are a Few of My Favourite Things from the Sound of Music

Ton of Love

Singing our hearts out in the Church of Scotland.

church singing

Tin Whistles entertain.

Hamnavoe Supports the Tige Fund 27.2.16

Twenty years ago the Tiger fund was launched in this school. Since then £20,0000 has been raised by this charity. This year sees the twentieth anniversary and we have decided to join the charity and raise awareness about saving the tiger once more. A small choir from Hamnavoe joined other enthusiasts to raise money for the charity in a variety concert. They all enjoyed joining in and taking part in the games and activities as well as doing a beautiful performance.

tiger fund 1

In great voice!

tiger fund 2

Mr Bennet helps the top act.

tiger fund 3

Crazy Kris gets pied!

Parental Involvement Event about Modern Languages18.2.16

Hamnavoe Primary had a Love Learning Languages evening on Thursday 18th February. The event was organised in co-operation with the Pupil council and the Parent council. The ideas for workshops were the pupil's. There were 8 workshops and everyone signed up for 3.

The evening began with all the pupils giving presentations on their French learning. P1-2 sang the rainbow song about colours, P2-5 did the human body and P5-7 did the months of the year.

Each pupil now learns French and pupils in P5-7 also learn Mandarin through the Confucious project.

Love Languages1

Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes by P2-4


Making the dragon with dads.


Dialect bannocks with Marion.

bannocks 2

bannocks 3

Spanish and Polish

Learning Polish with Zuzanne.


Polish Games

Polish and Spanish

Getting creative with Mums and Dads.

Chinese Cookery

Learning chinese cookery and Mandarin.



Working together

Working together with little brothers.

Languages 2

Colouring with Mum.

languages 3

Dragon Puppet

Languages 4

Languges 5

Languages 6

Languages 6

The Shetland Gruffalo drops in for a story in the dialect with the Head Teacher.


Mum and Me

Mums like colouring too.

Brothers and sisters

Brothers and sisters work together. It's possible.

Charlie tries out the new ipads and plays languages games

Spansih with Chelo

Graffalo 2

Celebrating a birthday with the Gruffalo!

Radio Stars

Boys baking


World languages song from Ghana


Learning Mandarin with Ying


A meal Chinese style

Languages 7

The Library service in Shetland has a vast collection of books in languages from round the World.

Miss Smith makes the dragon scales


Parents proudly watch the children sing in Mandarin

Heads Shoulders

Parents get involved in Learning together with their children. Thanks for making tonight such a great success.



Parent Pay Pilot launched this week. Please select your lunches by Monday 22nd at midnight. Your activation codes have been sent home. Please visit the website at to get set up and make your choices. The letters regarding this are on the Parents Page.

Parent Pay help letter

Love Learning Languages Evening Thursday 18th February at 6pm

Love Languages Poster and booking form

Keep the evening of the 18th of February free.

We are having an evening about Languages and Cultures in school. Their will be new languages, dialect activities, creative activities, dancing, music and cookery. The final programme will be our next week for you to choose your workshops. We hope lots of families will come along and join the fun!


Peerie Knitters Club October 2016

Our Peerie Knitters group continues to be a great success. The girls are all almost finished their Fair Isle pincushions and have developed new skills and feeling quite confident now.

This past week Pierre Cambillard, Hazel Hughson and Noelle Henderson visited to see the progress the club had made in it's first term. The girls were all very keen to tell them how much fun they were having and eager to make sure it carried on. Some of the comments they gave about knitting were...

"It's fun!" "Awesome" "I've really achieved loads" "I do more at home" "I knit with my Granny now" "I'm making a blanket at home".

peerie knittgers

Katie doing cable stitch.

peerie knitters2

Elise doing purl.

perrie knitters3

Hanna darning up.

perrie knitters 4

Almost finished. Da Peerie Knitters show off their latest creations.

Thanks to everyone who has made this club possible. It will run until Easter time and re-start in August for new and present members. P.7 knitters can continue to improve their knitting at the Makkin and Yakkin session at the Anderson High School. The school currently has Fair Isle Knitting evening classes on Monday night, led by Donna Smith.

Hamnavoe Pupils learn about our Viking Heritage January 2016

As part of the learning in Primary 2-5 pupils went on a visit to the Lerwick Up Helly Aa. They watched the Vikings march into Lerwick, visited the Museum where they found out about the history of the Festival and looked at Viking Artefacts. On their way home they learned about the Pictish broch in Lerwick. The broch was lived in from the Bronze age until after the Viking Times in Shetland.


Well wrapped up for a rainy parade in Lerwick.


Three cheers for the Guizer Jarl


The Junior Jarl squad shout three cheers for Hamnavoe Primary School. Owen Halcrow was a pupil here a few years ago.


Looking at the Viking artefacts in the Museum. Lewis liked seeing the shields.


Bobby is looking at stones from Viking Times.


Calum handling something interesting.


Katie sketches the different shields in the Junior Up Helly Aa exhibition.


Jheneth tries on a Viking helmet.


Keegan tries out an axe.




Zumba Afterschool Club 17.1.16

Pupils from Primary 1-4 have fun getting fit with a Zumba workshop on Monday after school. P6-7 girls help lead the groups.

Zumba 1

A circle dance. Everyone loves free-style to the lastest pop songs.

Viking Fever - It's Fire Festival Time Again 8.1.16

The Hamnavoe Primary hosted the Jarl Squad. The Jarl was Haakon the Good aka Brian Garrick and his fine squad were dressed in very authentic suits in silver, black and green. Pupils at the school have been busy learning a song and performed this very well to the Jarl Squad and had decorated the hall with Viking themed decorations. The Jarl Squad sang an original song to the tune of Galway Girl. Two pupils from Hamnavoe Primary were in the Jarl Squad this year and they have been visiting schools and homes all day. They will march through Scalloway later tonight leading the torch lit procession and burn the Galley at the Scalloway Pier.


P1-2 make helmets and shields.



P1-2 show off their art work.


Special star badges for 3 luck pupils.


Snow flakes with a Galley design.


A special banner made.


Welcome to the Jarl Squad in Viking Runes.



James has made a shield, and helmet in the Jarl's colours.


Skins on their backs.


Silver axes.


The Viking Princesses had beautifully woven shawls and silver jewellery.


We sand The Saga song. It went down well.


Shields made from wood and engraved silver metal.


Fire Festival star badges for Holly, Bella and Nicole.


Jack smart in Viking regalia.


Jack catches up with friends.



Aimee carries a spear.




Brothers and sisters get together.


Mrs Mikolajczak drops in before the baby comes.

A lovely afternoon was had with the Jarl Squad who were very happy to show off their suits and let the children try out their shields, axes and helmets.


Term 2 News

P5-7 Learn Mandarin with Mrs Zhang

Pupils in P5-7 have been introduced to Mandarin as part of the Confucious Project. They have been taught by Ying Zhang from China. She is here in Shetland as a teacher of Mandarin for the next two years. Pupils showed their learning and sang in Chinese. They have clearly enjoyed the experience. They also made origami Santas.

Confucious 1Confucious 2Confucious 3

Parents are invited to meet Mrs Zhang and join in with activities at our 1+2 Languages evening in February.

Christmas Lunch

Susan and Pauline treated everyone to a delicious Christmas lunch.

snowmenlunch2lunch 3lunch 4



A huge crowd came to see our school put on it's first Panto in 5 years. Rehearsals have been underway for the past 4 weeks and all the hard work paid off on the night.

Cinderella Rockerfella is a modern take on the classic story. In our Burra version Cinderella is badly bullied by her sisters. The Prince is a popstar - Rocky the lead singer of the Revellers - and her sisters don't let her have a ticket to his last concert. However as in all fairy tales good prevails and the Fairy Brigade and her Fairy Godmother come to the rescue to make sure that she meets Rocky.

Nastyboots is an evil fairy with a naughty kitty. He sends Kitty to poison Cinder's Cuddly Crew as he hates all the good work she does. Again good conquers evil and they all live happily ever after.

Here is a photo story of the play. The children will be able to tell you the story that goes along with it.














Thank you to everyone for your support on the night. A total of £665 came in in the raffle and in donations.


Cinderella Panto Poster

Come and watch our whole school perform an excellent Pantomime on Wednesday evening in Hamnavoe Hall. There will be lots of fun for all the family. A raffle for 3 huge hampers will be sold on the door. Admission is free.

There is lots of funny parts and plenty chance to join in.

It's Panto Time. Oh No It Isn't! Oh Yes It Is!


JASMINEJASMINE2Jasmine Duncan retiresjasmine duncan 4

Jasmine Duncan has retired as Head Cook after working in Hamnavoe Primary for 24 years. She was presented with a beautiful Shetland Tweed Handbag and Purse and a sum of Cash. The Community Council also presented her with a Burra Community Paperweight. She is looking forward to spending her time taking long walks and doing lots of reading.

"I will miss the bairns. I really enjoyed working here. It was so fine." She said as she thanked everyone for her gifts.


Annual Swimming Gala

Penguins win the Swimming Gala.

Lonnie led his team to a win over the Whales and the Dolphins. It was close right down to the last few races. Everyone did their best and swam as well as they could. A good crowd of parents came along and helped cheer on our swimmers. The trophy was presented to the captain of the winning team by Mrs Robertson. Captain, Lonnie made a lovely speech thanking everyone for a good competition and thanking all the helpers for making the gala happen.


gala 1

gala 2

gala 3


gala 5

gala 6

We hope that everyone keeps working at their swimming now that our lessons for this year are finished.


Royal Mail Young Writers Competition


All the pupils in Hamnavoe are concentrating on improving their letter writing. They have all written about their dream job. Primary 2-5 took things a stage further and have sent their letters to people who do their dream jobs. They posted them at our Pop Up Post Office. They found that a Second Class Stamp was 54p and first class post was 63p. Overseas letters were more that £1. The children found out about the work of the Post Office and the skills needed. Their replies have started to arrive. Very exciting!

Read a few of our Dream Job letters on the link below.

Royal Mail letters

Here are a few pictures of P2-5 visiting the Post Office.

Post Office 1

Post Office 2

post office 3

P1-2 Road Safety - see their story on the Ziggy website

Primary 1-2 are doing a Road Safety project. They have sent their story to Ziggy. It is due to be published on Ziggy's website soon. Check out:

For more ideas about how you can support your child with Road Sense check out:

Read our stories about Ziggy.

ziggy 1

ziggy 2

ziggy 3

ziggy 4

ziggy 5

ziggy 6

Thank you to our P5-7 Buddies for helping with our project.


Katie comes First in Shetland Sumdog competition

Katie from P7 has worked very hard at her Maths homework this week coming first in local maths competition. Sumdog has a huge number of mathematical challenges and is great fun. The pupils have been enjoying taking part in the competition. All pupils at the school have a login for the site and can play for free. Teachers will be sending these home for P1-2 in the near future. Sumdog tends to work better on Google Chrome.

Education City is also available as a fun homework. For use with ipads download the Puffin Academy App for easy access. Passwords will be sent home for you to use.

Knot Tieing with Billy


Dad help out at Golden Time. We learned how to tie knots. Very handy when you are boating.

Shoe Box Appeal - 35 presents will make Christmas for some poor families abroad

Presents Shoe box 2shoe box 3

35 boxes is brilliant. Please pass on our thanks to all who supported the Shoe Box Appeal.

Kind Regards

Adrienne, Blythswood Care


Ziggy and Buddies teach P1-2 Road Safety



Meeting our buddies.

road 2


road 4

Buddies at the pier.

road 5

Everybody is crossing the road.

road 6

Lewis is looking for cars. We know our road safety.

Term 2 Overviews available on the Parents Page.

Pudsey Ramble Round da Roads! Changed to Friday 20th November - Cancelled due to poor weather!

Join Pudsey for a colourful walk around Hamnavoe this coming Friday. It starts at Hamnavoe Primary at 1.30pm with a short assembly. Please join us and donate £1 to Children in Need. Pudsey ears and eye patches are most welcome.



No Name Calling Campaign

As part of Health and Wellbeing this term we have set the target to Think Before You Speak. What You Say Can Hurt! Posters have been displayed around the school on this theme and in the local Youth Club.


We are also taking part in Anti-Bullying Week later in November. Watch out for our Poster Campaign.

Pilot Knitting Club

We are very fortunate to have been included in a pilot project to set up an After School Knitting Club. The club is being sponsored by the Brough Lodge Trust. 10 peerie knitters started to learn Fairisle Knitting this week. The club will last initially for 6 weeks.

knitting 1knitting 2

knitting 3knitting 4

The Brough Lodge Trust has bought the wool and lovely colourful knitting belts. We hope to have a junior club starting in the future.

Drumming with Seiku Keita from Senegal

Pupils in P5-7 attended workshops in African Drumming and Singing. The leaders were Seiku Keita and Bruce Nkube from Africa. Pupils learned about the African culture of story telling through singing and experienced some call and response singing. They also played the Djembe drums guided by Seiku and learned about the Cora. His instrument of choice. This was an enjoyable experience for all and very challenging. It also gave pupils from Hamnavoe the opportunity to work with pupils from Tingwall and Scalloway.

seikuseiku 2

seiku 3seiju 4

Confucious Project

We welcomed Mrs Jam to the staff this week. We have joined an international project to encourage learning of Mandarin and Chinese culture. We are very excited about learning a new language and hope Mrs Jam enjoys working with us.

Tin Whistle

Shetland's first Tin Whistle after school club started this week under the Instruction of our new teacher Mr McMullan from Northern Ireland. Pupils all learned the basics and are all keen to learn a few tunes for Christmas. The school has purchased a set of Whistles and pupils are taking them home to practise.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Staff at Hamnavoe raised £110 for this worthwhile charity during break time.





Term 1 2015-16

Baby Shower

Mrs Williamson is leaving to go on Maternity Leave today. She was showered with gifts and got a great send off. Lots of fun was had with all the children playing baby themed games. We are looking forwards to hearing her news about the baby coming in November. Good Luck Mrs Williamson.

baby shower

We also welcome to the teaching team Miss Saunders. She starts teaching Primary 2-5 after the holidays and is looking forward to getting to know her new class.

Harvest Fever

The school led the community in a Harvest Festival yesterday. All classes did a short performance. The church was decorated with lots of produce donated by the parents. This was later distributed by the children and their families to people they had nominated for a Harvest gift.

Harvest 1Harvest 2

Lots of lovely fruit and veg were donated.

Harvest 3

Primary 1 sang about growing. They were very confident. Their artwork was displayed as well.

Harvest 5Harvest 6


Primary 2-4 told us all about needs and wants. They shared their videos of visiting people in the community who received Harvest parcels. They learned that giving makes you feel good and makes others feel good too. Th they showed us what they were thankful for.

Harvest 8Harvest 10Harvest 12Harvest 16

Primary 5 did a quiz about food. They showed us that we have lots food but we are not very knowledgeable about where it comes from. Our teachers didn't do that well against the pupils as they didn't know about growing. P5 told us that we have to be thankful for the food we have and reminded us that Harvest is a hard time for some people.

Harvest 15Harvst 17

Primary 6-7 performed a dialect poem called the Da International Press.

Harvest 13

Lonnie's Menu design takes first prize

Lonnie Paton, from P.7, has taken first prize in the Northlink Ferries Menu Design competition. His meat balls with tomato sauce and spagetti was chosen from more than 300 entries for the winter children's menu. As well as winning this honour he also received a trip for 4 on the ferry, a Northlink goodie bag and a beautiful trophy. He was invited aboard with his parents to see his dish being prepared and to meet the head chef. Lonnie was delighted with his prize and is looking forwards to taking a holiday with his family and choosing his dish from the menu.

Norhtlink menuNorthlink 2

Lonnie and Dillon, joint winners of the Northlink Menu Competition.

Well the summer is over and we are all back to school. We are delighted to welcome 16 Primary 1's into the school. They have all settled into school life quickly and have been a joy to everyone who has encountered them this week. We also welcome Mr McMullan as our probationer teacher. He will be here for one year and is teaching Primary 5-7.

Here is P.1 and 2 with Mrs Mikolajczak


P1-2 enjoy their healthy lunch


Mrs Williamson with P2-5 enjoying a creative activity before lunch


Mr McMullan and Mrs Leask with Primary 5-7


We are all looking forwards to having lots of fun learning together this year.

Term 4 2014-15

LEavers assemble - goodbye primary 7

Our Primary 7's are off to the Anderson High School. They all gave great speeches today and put on a lovely performance of singing and drama.

Leaver1LEavers 2Leavers 3Leavers 4LEavers 56LEavers 6LEAvers 6Leavers7LEavers 8LEavers 13LEavers13

victorian day in primary 3-4

The Primary 3-4 class have enjoyed learning about life during the Victorian Times. Last Wednesday they had a full day of school 150 years ago. Izzy Swanson visited as a very strict school "mam" and Mrs Williamson had her Victorian Teacher stern face on all day! It was an excellent experience for everyone even if one or two were a little scared.

Victorian Day 1Victorian Day 2VD 3VD 4VD5VD 6VD 7VD8VD 9

annual beach barbecue to celebrate summer

Meal1Meal2Meal 3Meal4Meal 5Meal 6Meal 5Meal 6Meal 7Meal 8Meal 8Meal 10Meal 11Meal 11Meal 12

MEal 16

Sports Day - the sun shines

Sports day1sports day 2

sports day 3sports day 4SPORTS 5sports6sports7sports7sports8sports9sports9sports10Sports11sports12sports13spoprts14sports15sports15sports15sports19sports20sports19winners

Primary 1-2 performed an under the sea opera

Under the guidance of Andy Ross P1-2 created and performed an Under Sea Themed Opera. It had mermaids, fisher people and whales. Lots of work went into it and a big audience enjoyed it greatly.

Under Sea1Under Sea opera2Under Sea 3Under Sea 4Under sea 5Unde4r Sea 6


The Primary 3-4 class have been trying to do lots of reading. today they measured their caterpillar of books. It measured 27 metres long and had 305 books on it. Well done for all this reading.

big read

terracotta warriors

Warriors 1Warriors 2Warriors 3warriors 4Warriors 5

Pupils from Primary 5-7 have been rehearsing the songs for Warriors an Opera. They have had 6 weeks to master the words and on Tuesday they got together with 4 teachers from Scottish Opera to put on the show. The morning involved lots of choreography with some difficult moves and actions. The children worked very hard following lots of instructions. After lunch the children all got dressed up and then the public arrived for the show. It was a brilliant performance and the audience really enjoyed the professional singers and the children's singing. The pupils from Hamnavoe played the builders and the Scalloway pupils were the Peasants and the Soldiers. The story went that the Emporor Qin wanted to live forever. He had united China and all its people. However the peasants plotted to kill him but were unsuccessful. He commanded the builders to build him a Terracotta Army. However he drank Mercury and died. He was buried with his army of 8000 warriors. They were discovered recently and are now a major tourist attraction in China.

school photos to order - forms in school bags

£9 FOR 8X6 AND £11 FOR 12X8

On order until Monday 22nd June. Will be removed from the website after this date.

photo1photo 2photo3photo4

school coffee morning raises record total

On the 16th May the school held it's annual fundraiser. It was a great morning of fun with lots of stalls and amazing homebaking for everyone. We had a special visit from the cast of Frozen - Anna and Elsa who stopped for lots of photos. Their were raffles, treasure hunts, a Nerf zone, beat the goalie, sweet shop, plants, books, toys, Minion Tombola and lots more. The total came to £1107.23 which is the most we have ever raised. All of pupils ran stalls and did their bit and the parent council put on excellent teas. This will be going towards vital resources and learning materials for next year. Well done everyone.

HCM1hcm2hcm3 hcm9hcm13



P3-4 have a new class mascot. They bought him as a reward for some excellent fund raising. He now goes home each weekend and pupils keep a diary for him. Here he is with his new friends.



Pupils were treated to an amazing show about the 3 R's. Reduce Reuse Recycle! The show told the story of a time traveller who came back from the future and told everyone that some materials were now extremely rare like metals, fossil fuels and trees! The show was very entertaining and interactive. We learned loads in a fun way.

Generation Science 1Generation Science2GS3GS4GS5GS6

Thanks to Total for sponsoring this fantastic group to come to Shetland.

p5-7 Meet martin brown - horrible histories illustrator

Martin Brown1Martin Brown6Martin Brown2Martin Brown 3Martin Bvrown4Martin Brown5

A brilliant time was had by all at Bells Brae school in Lerwick when the very well known illustrator Martin Brown delivered a workshop on his role in the HORRIBLE HISTORIES. These are are favourite non-fiction books. We love them! He did lots of cartoons. Come and see our ones in school they are really good.


As part of our learning about the Christian church and it's many denominations pupils visited the Roman Catholic church in Lerwick. It is quite ornate, very different to our very modern one here in Hamnavoe. We saw the Father's robes, learned about how worship is done, the font, communion and many other features. It is very beautiful.




As part of our work as being responsible for our environment and being an Eco Schools everyone worked together to tidy up Hamnavoe. Each class took an area. We saw a reduction in litter from last year but the shore was badly littered with string, twine and plastic. Most of it had come from the sea. Last week in assembly we learned about how marine litter can be harmful to marine life. We were all keep to make a difference.

We collected 19 bags of rubbish and would encourage everyone to: DUNNA CHUCK BRUCK! (don't throw litter English translation).

voar redd upvoar redd 2voar redd up 3voar redd up 4

voar redd up 5voar red up 6voar redd up 7voar redd up 8

Term 3 2014-15

Easter is Celebrated at Hamnavoe 27.3.15

The whole school community gathered to celebrate Easter in the Pink Baptist Hall today. The hall was decorated with the children's work on Easter. The theme was Easter Around the World. The whole school has had this theme this week and everyone has been learning about other countries and traditions for there.

P1-2 told us about what happens in Norway. Joey Hughson has moved to Burra from Norway and has taught the class how to say Happy Easter in Norwegian. They also learned that they eat doughnuts and give sweeties as gifts. Everyone dresses in their best clothes.

Easter1Easter 2

They showed their chicks and P.2 clearly read the information.

P3-4 had made a film of the Burranimo Story. They have been finding out about Australia at Easter. They found that the Australians had adopted the Bilby as their special Easter animal. He is called Burra Nimo.

They used the film to retell the story which included their own artwork.

Burra NimoBurra Nimo

Mrs Robertson told everyone a fun story about a mouse who forgave the Bad Bear who was always chasing him and his friends.

Burra Nimo

P5-7 then showed us their Powerpoints about other countries around the world.


In Austria they play the Egg Knocking Game where they have fun cracking raw eggs together. It was quite a messy game!

Then we sang a fun song called Bad Friday! It had lots of fun actions that our little ones really got into.


The sun shone for our rolling eggs. Some eggs survived 4 rolls down the hill.










eclipse 1eclipse 2

sofia ecliopseeclipse lewiseclipse 3eclipse6p7 eclipseeclipseeclipse



This is the image taken from the Faroe Islands earlier this morning.

A huge thank you to Alistair Inkster our local shop owner for providing the Solar Glasses so that the pupils could enjoy the experience safely. The weather just clearered up in time for us to see most of the eclipse. The pinhole camera and a colander were also used to help pupils see the moon pass in front of the sun. A great learning experience was had by all.




comic relief 3comic relief 4comic relief7comic relief6

Over the past few months we have busy doing small fund raising events for Comic Relief. P5-7 worked in teams and did bake sales, quizes, make crafts, sold bric a brac and made a fantastic total of £500.14. To this a further £94.48 came in today from donations and red nose sales. All afternoon pupils had a Red Nose special Golden Time with cake decorating, crafts, music and dressing up amongthe fun activities on offer. The red noses were extremely popular this year as they came in a goody bag and it was a surprise which one you got. No Gold ones came ot Hamnavoe this time!

Comic Relief comic relief 2

comic relief5Thanks again everyone for your kind donations.

P1-2 Learn About Toys

We all have a favourite toy. P1-2 have been talking about toys, making toys and learning about toys in the past. Melanie's Granny visited to answer questions about being peerie in the past.


Duffy is Still a Hit

Every weekend Duffy goes for a sleep over with someone in P1-2. Here are some of the things he has got up to over the past few weeks. He seems to have a really busy weekend. He always comes back to school with a lovely story in his diary about what he has been up to.

duffy1duffy2duffy7duffy 5duffy3duffyduffy cafeduffy9duffy8duffy9duffy12duffy13duffy14duffy15duffy16duffy17


P5-7 Learn about Electricity

The challenge was to use their learning of circuits to wire up their model house. Every group had to make a house and find a way to light up each window and add a door buzzer too. Their houses looked very cosy.


You can see the cables inside the model.


Micro Tyco - Enterprise Education with P5-7 January to March 2015

For Comic Relief this year we have decided to fundraise in a new way. All the pupils in P5-7 were grouped and given £1. Our aim was to make our £1 grow and donate whatever we raised to Comic Relief. Each group was challenged with initally having little to invest. However after the first 2 weeks each group had made a small profit and in total had raised £115. The UK government has pledged to double every penny donated this year so this was a great start. Each group was quite different with quizzes, bakes, makes and proving popular. The second project really got everyone going and again a healthy profit was made. Each Team is working well together and doing lots at home too. The final event is on Wednesday 4th March. Each group plans to run a stall and make as much money as they can for Comic Relief. Parents and other pupils are welcome to join the fun.

Project 1




Lerwick Up-Helly-Aa Trip - 27th January 2015

It's that time of year again when the whole of Shetland goes Viking mad and celebrate their Norse heritage and the beginning of the end of winter. As part of the learning at Hamnavoe we all travelled in to Lerwick to see the Viking parade and Galley, take part in activities in the Museum and soak up the atmosphere to inspire our personal and report writing. The fire lit procession happens in the evening first for boys and then the adults.

P3-4 spent the day taking notes and recording the events on camera and video. They were being reporters.


Primary 1-2 also visited the Museum and as part of their learning about life in the past they looked at all the artefacts in the Museum and enjoyed dressing up. P5-7 found out about Shetlander's taking journeys which linked to their writing topic. They found out about the Vikings, Explorers, Early People, Immigration and Fishing.

museum1museum 2museum 3museum 4


Total Green Awards - 21st January 2015

Pupils from the Eco committee enjoyed a day out to Mareel to here about the Green Awards. They learned about last years winner - Ollaberry and attended a Science Workshop. It gave them lots of ideas for what they could do this year.tga1

They meet regularily to plan events related to the Environment. All the bulbs they planted last Autumn are now above the ground and the frogs are back in the pond and have layed their eggs. The next Eco event is the Big Cycle. Nationally it starts next week but the Shetland weather means that we will be waiting until Term 4.


JRSO Assembly

Robert and Riahnnon our Junior Road Safety Officers presented a short assembly on bike safety. They had run a competition to design a helmet for P3-4 and the winners received a new cycle helmet. The winner was Caitlin with an very eye catching undersea design.


Scalloway Fire Festival

On the 9th Of January the local community celebrated winter with their annnual Fire Festival. It was a special year for Kegan Brown from P4 who was in the Jarl Squad. Keegan and Jarl Squad visited the school to show off their Viking Costumes. The children had prepared a a special song to entertain the Vikings. It was called "Thor on a Journey". This was accompanied by a small band who played percussion that resembled the sounds of Viking Times. Pupils in P1-4 enjoyed a short project on the vikings in the run up to the festival. They designed and made helmets and shields and learned about the life of vikings in Shetland in 1000 years ago.


The Guizer Jarl presented 3 special star badges to excellent pupils and finished his Jarl Squad visit by letting pupils try on their armour.


Term 2 2014-15

Star of Wonder Christmas Concert

The pupils of Hamnavoe celebrated Christmas with a lovely Christmas play titled Star of Wonder. In the story a group of children find a lost star. Convinced it is the Christmas Star they go about trying to return it to the sky. They try everyone, even Santa, and no one can help. Until an Angel comes to their rescue. Primary 1-4 tell a lovely story which ends with a traditional nativity scene. Primary 5-7 shared a few Christmas songs which they also played on tuned instruments.

play1play 2play3play 4paly5play6play7play8play9play10play11play12play 13play 14play 15play 16play 17play 18play 19play 21play 21play 22

The whole school attended Scalloway Pool to to celebrate the end of swimming lessons for this year. Everyone swam races and enjoyed lots of fun events organised by Mr McNiven. In the end it was the Whales that came out on top with a small lead of just 6 points. The trophy was presented to Rhiannon Thomson(the captain) and the team all received gold stickers. Second was the Penguin team led by Robert Sandison and third was the Dolphins led by Casey Smith. It was a very close competition. The final points were Whales 103, Penguins 97 and Dophins 93.


Rhiannon accepts the winning trophy.


The Whales Team


The Penguins


The Dolphins

Friday 28th November P3-4 Hold Australia Day

Austarlia Day

Primary 3-4 enjoy the end of their project on Australia.

P5-7 Enjoying working with Electricity

Electricity cicuits

David designed a circuit that has a bulb and a motor. It needed 2 batteries to power it. He also added a switch to control the power.


Friday 14th November Hamnavoe Supports Children in Need

Sale tables and homebakes, games, raffles as well as a second hand toy sale brought in an amazing total for Children in Need. £430 was made on the day which is a record for recent years. Pupils and staff paid £1 to not wear their usual school clthes and all dressed up in their pyjamas to make the day fun for everyone.

Children in Need 1Children in Need 2

Junior Road Safety Officers Try Out the Speed Gun

Riahnnon and Robert were invited to find out how the Police work the speed gun. The speed limit outside the school is 20 miles per hour. This is so that children can be safe walking to school. They found that most people do keep to the speed limit driving below 20 but some don't.



Friday October 31st Eco-School Flag Awarded - It's Our 8th!

Our independent inspection on Friday 31st October went very well. The Eco-Committee did a fantastic job of showcasing everything that we do as part of our Eco Schools commitment. As part of the day they had organised a recycled Halloween Costume competition which, Paula Love from Keep Scotland Beautiful, would judge. Everyone went to a massive amount of effort making their costumes.

Halloween 1halloween 2Halloween 3Halloween 4Halloween 5Halloween 6Halloween 7Halloween 8Halloween9Halloween10Halloween 11

The Green Flag was received last week. The Sea to Plate, Murals, Farm to Fork, Fair Trade, work on renewable energy and the school wide eco ethos were all greatly commended. The knowledge the pupils demonstrated was a great strength for the school. Everyone should be very proud of this wonderful achievement.

Eco school award8

Read our report below.

Eco School Award

Tuesday 11th November Hamnavoe Remembers WW1

On Armistice Day the school community gathered together to remember those who have lost their lives through war. A short service was held and a two minute silence was observed. Pupils laid a wreath that they had made depicting all the Burra soldier who had fallen during WW1. Mr Conabeer reminded us that we were also to think of those who had lost family members through war and those who had been injured. A collection of £70 was sent to Help for Heroes.

As part of their learning about WW1 Primary 5-7 performed a short musical play. The story was about a young boy from Burra - Walter, who signed up in 1914. His young cousin - Archie - back home - waited for his letters and wished he could be fighting too. Walter was in France during the Christmas Truce and shared sausage and drinks with the enemy but died shortly afterwards in 1915. Archies dad was then conscripted. Archie was worried about him. His dad tried to hide the reality of war from his family. In the end Archies dad makes it home but everyone still remember Walter and miss him very much.




Term 1 2014-1

Thursday 10th October Harvest Festival

The community of Hamnavoe gathered together to celebrate Harvest at the Baptist Church on Thursday. The church was full and everyone was entertained by the children. The church was decorated with all the gifts of food that the children had brought to school and some lovely artwork by Primary 1 and 2.

The programme began with P1-2 telling the story of Handa's Surprise. The children were disguised as animals and as Handa (Riahnnon), walked past they took her fruit. As she passed a tangerine tree all the fruit fell out refilling her basket. She was surprised that the fruit were all tangerines.

Handa 1Handa 2Handa 3handa 4


Primary 5-7 read lovely Haiku's for Harvest.

Harvest 6Haiku 1Harest7Harvest8

Primary 3-4 told us about how their is enough food in the world for everyone but many as still hungary and starving. they put on a great performance and really got their message across.

Harvest 10Harverst11Harvest12Harvest15Harvest16Harvest178Harvest18Harvest19Harvest21Harvest19


Lots of food was donated. The children went and visited people after school who has been nominated for a special harvest surprise. they got a lovely gift - a share of all the food donated on the day. Look at the size of Mrs Watt's courgette!

Welcome Back Everyone!

Hamnavoe Primary welcomed 13 new P.1's into the school at the start of term. They have all settled in well to their new class with their teacher Mrs Mikolajczak and classroom assistant Mrs Couper. Our seven P.2's have really helped them to settle in.

All Aboard the Ruby Princess - Primary 5-7 Visit a Cruise Liner Thursday 11th September 2014

Pupils were invited aboard a cruise ship which was berthed in Lerwick Harbour. They enjoyed a tour involving a visit to the bridge where they met the Commodore - captain of all ships in the fleet - and enjoyed a question and answer session with him. Our pupils asked excellent questions and showed great interest in his experiences. They were guided by Liberty who was head of children's entertainments. They were treated to lunch aboard and presented with photographs and a goody bag containing a soft toy, t-shirt and craft materials. Pupils were blown away with the size of the vessel. They really enjoyed the glass elevator, the beautiful promenades and the children's club. We were treated like royalty and will all remember our wonderful experience. Thanks must go to Tony Maxwell for making this trip possible. Check out the website next week for their stories!

cruise1cruise 2cruise3cruise4cruise5cruise6cruise 16cruise 6cruise 7cruise 7cruise 8cruise 9cruise 10cruise 13cruise 14cruise 15cruise 16cruise 17

TERM 4 2014

Leavers Assembly 4.7.14

P.7 left Hamnavoe today and are all set for starting the Anderson High School in August. They all made excellent speeches and received scientific calculators, books and certificates. All the other children also received a prize book, which is a tradition of the school. The large audience was entertained by pupils. P5-7 played a wonderful medally of Themes from the Movies on a range of instruments. It was so tight and the audience were spell bound. Miss Donald also left today. She is off to teach in Scalloway and will be a huge miss. She received a Burra Bear, flowers and jewellery. She thanked everyone and said she had, had a very happy year. The afternoon was rounded off with the Queen's Baton Relay song.

Leaver's Assembly HamnavoeLeaver's Assembly HamnavoeLeaver's Assembly HamnavoeLeaver's Assembly HamnavoeLeaver's AssemblyLeaver's AssemblyLeaver's AssemblyLeaver's assemblyLEaver's AssemblyLeaver's AssemblyLeaver's AssemblyLeaver's AssemblyLeaver's Assembly

Queen's Baton Relay Comes West

What a day! Hamnavoe, Scalloway, Whiteness, Nesting and Tingwall Primaries all got together for an amazing party in the Fraser Park. The day started with a colourful parade of pupils marching from the Scalloway School to the Fraser Park. Everyone was in the colours of Shetland, Scotland, Jersey and Brunei folowing the Commonwealth Banner. The Baton was carried into the park and paraded around the circle of pupils to great cheers. All the pupils had their photos taken with the Baton and then had a photo call with Clyde. Glen Gilfillan was nominated by the pupils of Hamnavoe School to carry the Baton and he paraded around the circle of children and gave them the chance to touch it. It holds a message from the Queen which will be read out at the opening ceremony of the Games on the 23rd July in Glasgow.

A large picnic was then consumed and then a massive dance, led by Jane Maclean. The moves were excellent and very in time. Then it was off into 4 sporty activities moving around the park. Parachutes, assault courses, team building and Zumba entertained everyone.

The day ended with a prize draw for a mini Clyde and the Here's to Our Common Wealth relay song. This was song with great gusto and enjoyed by everyone.

A brilliant day in the gorgeous Shetland sun!

Queens Baton Relay ShetlandQueens Baton Relay ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQueens Baton Relay ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR ShetlandQBR Shetland

New Mural Ready to Unveil

Pupils designed and painted three new murals to brighten the school playground. They put in a hard day but have achieved an amazing result. You are welcome to come and see them.

Hamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe MuralHamnavoe Mural

Moving Up Day - Welcome to our new pupils

A super start was made by everyone into their new classes for after the summer. P1-2 were busy going on a treasure hunt and met Duffy Bear, P3-4 were preparing a welcome back to Hamnavoe display to Mrs Williamson and P5-7 were designing and making football boots. They wrote about them so carefully that their mystery partner was able to draw a really good one to match.

Moving Up Day HamnavoeMoving Up Day HamnavoeMoving Up day HamnavoeMoving Up Day HamnavoeMoving Up Day HamnavoeMoving Up day Hamnavoe

Football Festival - Hamnavoe enters a team

Hamnavoe football team

Sports Day - active fun for everyone

Sport was celebrated with a very successful sports day at the Hamnavoe football field. 11 events were held in all with all the points going towards team Gold, silver and bronze. The events were three legged race, crab race, quoit balance, flat race, distance race, skipping race, tattie and spoon,obstacle and shopping race. The playgroup joined the fun for the flat races and snack time. The day ended with 4 closely fought relays. It was the Red team that came out on top with the Whites second and the Blues a very close third.

Lots of fun was had in the adult participation event where parents and staff were chosen to take part in the three legged race with the bairn who chose them. This resulted in lots of laughter and some very competitive races!

sports day 21sports day 22sports23sports 24

sport3sport2sport4sports1sports day 26sports day27sport5sport6sport8sport9sport10sport11sport13sport14sport14sport14sport16sport18sport19Hamnavoe Primary Celebrates

P3-4 Learning Logs - very enjoyable home learning

learning logslearning logs 2learning logslearning logs2learning logsLearning Logs

Every second Monday P3 and 4 get together to share their learning logs. The teacher sets a new theme and pupils have 2 weeks to work on a project with a parent. The outcomes have been very interesting with lots of learning styles on display. Sharing our learning is a very exciting time where everyone shares their project with the group. Above you can see children sharing their work in the classroom and outside.The themes so far have been symmetry, measuring, healthy eating and wild flowers. The next topic involves designing your own World Cup!

P1-4 Go on a Farm to Fork trip and visit a Castle

farm to forkfarm to fork 2farm to fork 3farm to fork 3farm to fork 5farm to fork 6

Pupils learned about the origins of lots of food. They tasted lots of new foods and found out about locally caught fish.

picts castle 1picts castle 2pictys castle 3picts castle 6

We visited a castle. It was built many years ago. It had lots of great places to explore.

We had lunch in the Town Hall, which is very grand, and then played in the sun.

golfgolf 2


P1-3 Have a Medieval Feast

As part of their learning P1-3 held a medieval feast. They prepared their own food, trying lots of new and interesting foods. They also played the characters that could be found at a Medieval banquet.

medieval feast 1medieval feast 2

Alison Burns (composer of the Commonwealth Games Song) visits Hamnavoe

As part of the Queens Baton Relay celebrations in Shetland all the children are learning "Here's to All Our Common Wealth". She also helped us learn how to use sign language for the words. The song has been written specially for the event and will be sung by choirs wherever the Baton is. Alison was part of the team and worked with Phil Cunningham to come up with a very Scottish sounding song.

The Baton arrives in Shetland on July 1st. Pupils will be taking part in a big event in the Fraser Park where they will greet the Baton, take part in a parade and join in with dance, singing and lots more mass participation activities.

Alison BurnsAlison Burns

Here you can see the children "raise a glass" to our common wealth. For more info. visit the Big Sing or Hands Up for Trad.



Bikes in School Day Wednesday 11th June

49 pupils and staff came to school with bikes and scooters to support Bikes in School Week. It was great to see so many children coming to school under their own steam. In an effort to cut carbon emissions and get a bit fitter cycling is being encouraged. It also makes you feel happier and gets you outside enjoying our lovely environment.

As well as cylcing to school the school promoted cycled safety by running Bikeability 1 for P3-5 and Bikeability 2 for Primary 6-7. Playground were set up with cycle courses and the older, more able pupils were challenged with an asssault course over log piles.

The whole school got together for cycle challenges and games. These games encouraged better co-ordination, balance and control.

bikes 1bikes to school2bikes to school 3bikes to school 4bikes to school 5bikes to school 6

Primary 5, 6 and 7 go to Glasgow 26th May - 30th May 2014

Pupils in Primary 5-7 have just returned from an amazing trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Pupils have been learning all about Scotland in the run up to the trip and were delighted to see so many of the places they had discussed in school for real. The 4 day school trip has been planned since October and involved pupils living away from home, looking after their own money, choosing their own food and visiting lots of new and exciting places.

Since returning pupils have been writing a lengthy account of their experiences and some of these will be posted on the website soon.

Here are some of the highlights.

trip1trip 2trop3trip4trip5trip 6trip 7trip 8trip 9trip 10trip 11trip 12trip 13trip 14trip 15trip 16trip 16trip 17

My Personal Account of our School Trip
The Edinburgh Zoo was good. I liked the pandas. We had our tea at Chimmy Chung’s. It was great! Mary King’s Close was good I liked the speaking picture.

The science centre was good. I liked the show that they put on it was funny when Aaron Jumped on the rocket and it hit Katie.

After all that we had our tea we went to Harvester’s and there was great food. I had a chicken burger and a Pepsi. I was really looking forward to playing 10 pin bowling. I got 92 (the best in the class)
The next day we went to the Victorian school, which is called Scotland Street. It was terrible! I hated it! The teacher shouted and screamed when it was my go to say my timestables because I didn’t know the answer.

Next we went to The Kelvingrove Museum. It was big and was made of orange sandstone . I liked the funny faces hanging in the roof! I also liked the Spitfire. Then we went to the sky park. The sky park was amazing! First we got shoes and a harness to put on. We went up a climbing wall and Jamie and Owen and I did the colour challenge. Then we went to get another harness and we went on the assault course. I loved it! Last, we got clipped on to a bit of rope and we jumped off the top of the assault course and landed on some pads. Then we went to get some food at Frankie and Benny’s. It was good food. After that, we went to play Laser Quest, then we went to the Dodgems. That was fun! After that, we went on the XD Simulator. It was amazing! Then we went to the games and bowling place, where we played games.

Lee the bus driver made it fun!

By Danny Henry P.7

Edinburgh and Glasgow trip

                                 On Monday the 26th of May 2014 Primary 5-7 went on a school trip to Edinburgh.

When we got off the boat we went to a Tesco in Dundee then we went right to Edinburgh zoo for about 6 and half hours. Then for tea we went to Chimmy Chungs

And we had a buffet and it was really good.

The next day we went to the science centre and we watched a 3d under water film about fish and it was really cool and when we went to see a science show and i got to sand on somebody on a bed of nails.

Then we went to the River side Museum and there were a big collection of motor bikes all over the wall then we went outside and went on a tall ship and it was really cool then we went outside  made out off astro turf.

Then after playing around for awhile we went to Harvester for tea and I had a cheese burger and chips and it was really good. After Harvesters we went bowling and Danny got the highest score out of all the barins and Lee our bus driver got the highest score out of every body.

The next day we went to a Victorian school and we had a day as Victorian child. Then after that we went to the Kelvin grove museum and there were a lot of animals like dinosaurs elephants and there were even a spit fire.

And then after that we went to the sky park. At the sky park we put on special shoes and harnesses then first we did climbing walls then we did like an obstacle curse

In the air then there was a sky jump and me and Tyler had to do it first you had to jump of a plat firm in the air and you went really fast and slow down.

Then we went to Frank and Benny’s and the food was really good.

By Rory P7     

Glasgow and Edinburgh trip

On the first day of our trip we went on the ferry. The teacher gave all of us £5 each to spend. Most of us spent it on teddy’s.

The next day we got up early and headed to Edinburgh Zoo and the first animal we saw was the Meer Cats. After that we saw Pink Chilli Flamingos right next to the Meer Cats. Then before we left we saw the giant Pandas. For dinner we went to Chimmy Chungs and after that we went to Mary Kings Close. It was really scary especially the ghost stories.  I had lots of fun anyway.

On Wednesday morning we went to the Science Centre we saw lots and lots of cool stuff there we even got to see the Science Show. At the Science Show Aaron got called out to the stage and he had to use a air rocket and it ended up in Katie’s face. Near the end of the show Rory had to stand on someone that was lying on a bed of nails. After the Science Show  we went to a very tall boat and inside the boat there was a cafe and underneath the cafe there was another deck. On the lowest deck ( the one under the cafe ) there was a barrel and if you wanted to you are aloud to take it apart and build it again. The next thing we did was go to Harvester for dinner.

The next day we got up had breakfast and first thing we did was drive the bus to the Victorian School/ Museum. When we got there we had to get dressed up like Victorian children. The Victorian teacher was very scary and strict. After that we went to the gift shop down stairs from the school and I bought a slinky and £4.90 worth of marbles and a small bag with pictures of marbles on it to keep them in. In the end I spent £7.40 all together.

We went to Kelvin Grove Art Gallery and had lots of fun.

 After that we went to the Sky Park and we went on the rock climb and I got to the top and then we went to the sky park. When we did that a couple of runs on the sky park we went to the drop. The drop is a 15 metre drop and it was so fun at first it feels like you are gust going to fall but then it starts to slow down.

For dinner we went to Frankie And Bennys and the food was really nice.

In the morning we woke up in the Youth Hostel ( where we were staying over night ) and packed up and got out.

 We were in the minibus around 1 hour and when we got off the minibus. we went to Stirling castle and we saw lots and lots of cool stuff. We went to the gift shop after and I bought a bag of jelly beans and a necklace and then we got back into the minibus and started driving again.

We were driving for 2 hours but eventually we got to Aberdeen. When we got there we went shopping at the Shopping Centre and I bought a really cuddly teddy, a tin of Pringles, a box of Chocolate Fingers and peppermint Mentos. We also got Lee ( our minibus driver ) a cuddly teddy for his bus.

Next we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. It was a fine dinner.

       Sadly we have come to an end of our trip. I really enjoyed it! Tyler P.5



Coffee Morning Raises over £1000!

A massive effort by everyone at Hamnavoe Primary was rewarded by a splendid total in excess of £1000 towards school funds. This year funds are going towards non-fiction reading books. The Oxford Reading Tree scheme used throughout the school has an excellent range. This is a significant spend of around £2000 but excellent fund raising means that we can purchase what we need this year rather than budgeting over a few years.

As always the Coffee Morning and Fair were very well attended. Pupils had organised stalls and their was P1-3 Plants, P3-4 Fair Trade Sale and P5-7 had an Ice-cream Factory, Ball Shy, Nerf Zone, Balloon Challenge and a Cans Shy. Pupils in P5-7 had applied for a loan, planned their stall and worked hard to make it successful.

Teas and delicious homebakes were run by the Parent Council. The raffle is always popular as was the Minion Tombola. We even had a visit from a Minion who had lots of fun getting his photo taken with the children.

coffee morning 1coffee morning 2coffee morning 3coffee morning 4coffee morning 5coffee morning 6coffee morning 7coffee morning 8coffee morning 9coffee morning 11coffee morning 12coffee morning 10

The Spring coffee Morning and Fair - Saturday 17th May From 10.30 am

coffee morningHamnavoe Minions

Come and join the school community for delicious homebakes and teas as well as fun games for all the family. Why not try out our Nerf Gun Warzone, Kill the Kan or taste a yummy ice-cream from the P.7 girls Ice-Cream Factory. All proceeds go towards a new Non- Fiction Reading Scheme and the School Trips Fund. We look forward to seeing you.

Swan Tall Ship Cruise builds Confidence and Resilience Monday 12th May 2014

Curriculum for Excellence HWB 2-10a, 2-12 a

Pupils from P6 and 7 spent a day aboard Shetland's very own Tall Ship the Swan. Along with teacher, Mrs Leask, and a crew of 3 they went for a 4 hours sail from Hamnavoe out around the Isles. They worked together to hoist the sails, steer, navigate, and keep the ship in tidy working order. Rory, the skipper, and his crew were excellent sharing their knowledge of the sea and sailing with the lucky 10 pupils.


What a fantastic experience. P2-5 are going for shorter cruises tomorrow. Let's hope the weather stay like this!

The Voar Redd Up (Community Clean Up) Friday 25th April 2014

Pupils and helpers from Hamnavoe School spent the afternoon picking up litter and unwanted rubbish from around the village and shoreline of Hamnavoe. 20 bags were filled aswell as some large pieces of rusty metal and plastics being collected. The majority of the rubbish was small plastic items, cans and bottles.

Voar redd up 1voar redd up 3redd up3redd up4voar redd up5voar redd up6

Easter Service in the Pink Hall Friday 18th April 2014

P5-7 do Easter story telling using their Easter Story baskets to help our younger learners understand the events of the first Easter.

Hamnavoe Easter 11Hamnavoe Easter12Hamanvoe Easter 13Hamnavoe Easter 14

The Community gathered in the Baptist Hall to celebrate Easter today. P5-7 dramatised the Easter Story "We were there!". They wrote their own script and dressed as the characters from the story. Each character told what their part was in the story of The First Easter. Even the horse that pulled the cart, that carried the wood, that made the cross!

Hamnavoe Easter 1Hamnavoe Easter 2

P1-3 recited a "Jelly Bean Easter Prayer". They had memorised the world and produced a rainbow in jelly beans - yum!

Hamnavoe Easter 3Hamnavoe Easter 4

P3-4 have been learning all about Easter foods. They made two delicious Simnel cakes. They produced a colourful presentation which showed how a Simnel cake is made, shared chocolate Easter Eggs and shared the story of the first Hot Cross Bun.

Hamnavoe Easter 5Hamnavoe Easter 6Hamnavoe Easter 7Hamnavoe Easter 8 Hamnavoe easter15Hamanvoe easter16Hamanvoe Easter17Easter17

Golden Time had an Easter theme with an Easter Egg hunt, frieze making and Easter Bonnet craft. The afternoon was completed with the traditional egg rolling on the brae behind the school.

Hamnavoe Easter 9Hamnavoe Easter 10


Term 3 2014



Our school mascot Turvil has been on an amazing adventure. He has been sailing around the world with Andrew Halcrow aboard the Elli Arrub. Sadly disaster struck and due to a huge wave Elsi lost her mast during a storm and Andrew had to be rescued. He left Turvil aboard as he could take very little with him. At the moment we are unsure of Elsi's whereabouts so Turvil is lost. Pupils are sure that he is out there somewhere and have been writing about what he is doing. Is he still aboard Elsi? Has he made it ashore? Is he heading to Brazil? Has he got a new family? Is he diving for treasure?

P3-4 have been writing about his adventures. We hope you enjoy this one.

Turvil's Adventure by Lois Smith P.4

Once upon a time there was a Burra Bear called Turvil and he was from Hamnavoe Primary School and he went on an exciting adventure with Andrew. He was trying to sail around the world!  The mast broke so Andrew had to get taken away!  Andrew sadly forgot about poor Turvil all alone sitting in the Elsi Arrub.  “Oh no” said Turvil.  Turvil was washed up ashore on a lonely desert island.  “Hello!” he shouted loudly.  It echoed quietly.  Turvil looked down at his belly hungrily.  “I’m hungry” he said to himself.  He looked at a palm tree quite puzzled and he wondered how he would get them down.  He decided to carefully climb the tree and knock the coconuts down with one paw.  “Yummy” he said when he knocked all three down.  “Hey!”said a voice suddenly and startled Turvil.  “Who are you and what do you think you’re doing with MY coconuts!” said the voice “I I I’m s s sorry I was just hungry” said Turvil.  Out came a beautiful golden eagle.  He flew down and picked up frightened Turvil with his huge talons.  “Please don’t hurt me” pleaded Turvil quietly.  “Come see this Teddy.” said the golden eagle.  “Ok.”  “You see this view Teddy?” said the golden eagle.  “Yes it is beautiful most beautiful” said Turvil. “This island is my home” said the golden eagle.  “WOW!” shouted Turvil surprised.  Turvil asked the golden eagle what his name was and he said it was Hunter.  Turvil and Hunter became the best of best friends.  They played happily together all day long and Turvil became a meat fan just like Hunter.  Turvil loved Hunter’s house so he moved in.  “What is this island called Hunter?”  asked Turvil.  “La Corona Safolis” said Hunter. “Wow La Corona Safolis. La corona safolis” said Turvil.  They lived happily ever after together.     

By Lois   P4


sports relief 2014

sports relief 3sports relief 4sports relief 5sports relief 6sports relief 8sports relief 7

Pupils listened to an assembly about Daniel who works in a mine in Ghana. He works there to survive. He and his family barely have enough to eat. HE IS 10! For two days every week he carries his pick axe, gold pan and shovel for an hour, works for 8 hours digging undergoround in a gold mine and then walks home again. Watch his video. watch?v=V0VuMxSSsVM

We hope that pupils will feel compelled to help this worthwhile charity by making a donation.

They then enjoyed doing a range of challenges. David ran the furthest clocking up 4 kilometres.



Pupils have performed singing, drumming and an instumental arrangment at the Shetland Schools Music Festival today. They received 3 Gold Awards which is an outstanding achievement. Huge thanks to Mr Bennet for all his time and effort in the lead up to the performance.

Well done to our two piano soloists, Rory Henderson and Faith Fleming, who both received a Silver Plus for their performances and then took a Gold for their Duet.


music festival 1music festival 2music festival 3music festival 4




(CfE SOC 2.22a)

The School Disco was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed the dancing, games and the big raffle. The top prize of the return flights went to a lady in Whalsay. It has been an excellent fundraiser taking in £2075.00. The pupils are getting increasingly excited about going to Glasgow and Edinburgh in May.

Thanks go to everyone donating prizes. We are hoping for a good turn out on the night.


Sports Clubs

Pupils have been offered 3 after school sports clubs this Term. Connections have been forged with the Budhakoi Karate Club, T.S.B. Football Club and Shetland Indoor Bowls Club. This has given pupils tasters of Sports Clubs available in Shetland in the hope they might find a sport that they want to continue.

karatekarate 2karate 3

(CfE HWB 21,22,23,25,26a)

Pancake Day Fun

Everyone at Hamnavoe have been learning about Lent and Shrove Tuesday. Mrs Couper kindly helped everyone make their own pancakes and toppings and the senior pupils made savoury and sweet, voting for the sweet ones as their favourites. Pupils learned about being safe in the kitchen and gained understanding about the need for clean hands. They also thought about healthy choices and ingredient choices. (CfE HWB 29 and 33)



clay cakes 1clay cakes 2clay cakes 3clay cakes 4clay cakes 5clay cakes 6clay cakes 8clay cakes 9clay cakes 10clay cakes 11

rainy day picturesMondrian UmbrellasMondrianSochi 2014sochi 2014sochi2014

Pupils painted rainy day pictures, Mondrian umbrellas and made sculptures of snow boarders in the Sochi 2014 winter Olympics.


All the classes at Hamnavoe are learning about the weather this term. They've been out measuring the wind, recording the rain and studying the clouds. Pupils in P5-7 have had opportunities to learn how to interpret the weather forecast and P3-4 have been gathering data for producing graphs and tables. Primary 1-3 have been writing stories and poems related to the weather and have produced a book about clouds.


Thank you Miss Smith

Miss Smith has been the student teacher in P5-7 for the past 4 weeks. She is currently studying at Aberdeen University. The pupils and staff will miss her enthusiasm and wish her well in her career.

Miss MSith


Pupils, families and friends of Hamnavoe Primary enjoyed a visit this afternoon from the Scalloway Fire Festival Jarl Squad. 40 Vikings and Princesses entertained the crowd with songs and gave everyone the opportunity to get a close look at their fantastic suits. Dressed in maroon and black with a silver chain mail they looked magnificent. Tonight they will parade the streets of Scalloway and burn their longship.

Jarl Guttorm HartPupil and Viking

Scalloway fire FestivalScalloway Fire Festival

Scalloway Fire FestivalScalloway Fire Festival

Scalloway Fire FestivalScalloway Fire Festival

The pupils entertained the Vikings with a new song called Loki the Joker about the God Loki and all the antics he gets up to. They had also made their own helmets, torches and shields, written stories and are continuing to enjoy a short topic on the Vikings.


Term 2 2013-2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone from Hamnavoe Primary School. See you all on Monday 6th January 2014. Come and see the Scalloway Fire Festival Jarl Squad on Friday the 10th of January in the school hall at 2pm. Pupils will also be doing a performance of a Viking Song.

SCHOOL CAROL SERVICE AT THE PINK HALL (Baptist Church)carol service Stille NachtPupils and parents celebrated Christmas with a traditional carol service. Pupils also treated everyone to a rousing rendition of Glory Halleluia and a small group sang Stille Nacht in German. Mr Conabeer and Mrs Robertson shared stories with the congregation about the Christmas message.



The winning team Whales with Captain Faith and vice-captain Carla. It was a close run thing with Dolphins coming second by only 2 points and Penguins Third. It was a fun event and everyone did their best. It was very well supported by parents who enjoyed encouraging the pupils. After all their exercise everyone returned to the school for a delicious Christmas dinner prepared by the school cooks. It was turkey with all the trimmings and a desert of meringue nests with cream.


Mary and JosephDr Charlie

The children of Hamnavoe Primary put on two very lively shows yesterday celebrating Christmas. Primaries 1-4 performed a fantastic, energetic musical called, It had 5 really catchy numbers which they sang with great gusto and some groovy moves. The story was based around the true Christmas Story where Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus. It had a comic modern twist with dream sequences where a modern Mary uses a hover, where the three modern wisemen located Bethlehem with the help of their Satnav and where Modern Mary and Jo had a scan done at the local hospital!

narratorsangelsshepherdsinkeepers and villagerskingscool kingsherod and soldierssingingsinging 2mary and josephherod2actings

Scrooge the Burra Version!

Charles DickensTed Ted

The second half of the evening was a pantomine style adaptation of the famous Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens by the pupils in Primary 5,6 and 7. Ebenezer Scrooge has been bullying the good people of Burra for years now. He gets his comeuppance when his ghostly business partner, Miss Marley, visits him and warns him that he should stop OR ELSE! He is then visited by all three ghosts who demonstrate to him what his behaviour will lead him to and just how miserable he is making everyone. With lots of pantomine joining in, comedy antics and a few local jokes they put on a fantastic show.

Mar;eymarley2FredChristmas pastchristmas past3christmas past 4fiddlersdancersSpeederKatieperrie Peterperrie peterChristmas FutureCollectorsReestit MuttonLadiesP7the castthe GhostsScrooge

Thanks go to everyone who helped make this such a huge success. Massive well done to all classes for giving their very best effort to put on a great show. The Parent Council would also like to extend their thanks to everyone who contributed to the raffle and door donations. The grand sum of £473.20 was raised. This is going towards a new electric piano, school outings and resources.



Next week - Swimming Gala at Scalloway Pool at 10.30 am on Wednesday and School Carol Service, Pink Hall, Hamnavoe at 11.15 am on Thursday.

Turvil O' Hamnavoe Primary has set sail on his trip around the world. Check out his progress at Andrew has send a message from the Elsi Arrub.

Hello all at Hamnavoe Primary.

Just an update on how Turvil is doing. He has settled in well to life onboard and is being a great help. When I type out my reports to send back to the website he sits there checking that I spell the words correctly. He likes to come and sit outside with me and see us surf down the waves. I'm sure I heard him shout, "Yippee!"one day, but it might just have been one of the ropes squeaking , I can't be certain. I've told him we will be seeing lots of flying fish and dolphins in about a week or so and he is really looking forward to that. Anyway that's all for now but I'll send more as time goes on. Hope you are all well.
Cheerio eenoo,


Here are some pictures from Turvil. Travelling down to Falmouth, welcome aboard, settling in, climbing the rigging and relaxing.

turvil 1turvil2turvil3turvil4turvil6turvil6turvil7turvil8

We look forward to seeing some more pictures of his adventures.

Children in Need - Wear Your Spots Let's Make Lots! £392.61 What a total!

Pudsey Drops in to Help Hamnavoe's Fundraising

Well done everyone for another fantastic afternoon of fundraising. Primary 1-3 made bandanas and ran a gues the Pudsey Twins birthday, P3-4 ran a Skittle Shy and a Jar Raffle and Primary 5-7 made a variety of homebakes, sold Christmas Cards and worked all afternoon to make a huge sum of cash for a very worthwhile charity. The afternoon got off to a brilliant start with Pudsey's Star Pupils being presented to Elise Rendall, Lowrie Jamieson and Aaron Fleming. The children then had a short assembly watching a video of how Children in Need 2012 helped children and families the country wide. The sale then got underway and everyone had lots of fun, raising lots of money.

children in need 10children in need14children in need1children in need2childfren in need 12children in need 3children in need 5children in need 6children in need 9children in need 11

New topics for Term 2 are:

Primary 1-3 Winter Festivals

Primary 3-4 Romans

Primary 5-7 A Christmas Carol and Space


Pupils in all classes have been participating in the Shetland wide SUMDOG Challenge which has involved pupils in doing Mental Maths problems. We came 2nd with Whalsay coming 1st and Brae High School coming 3rd. Altogether over the 4 days pupils Hamnavoe completed 11,056 Maths problems with 104,406 being completed across Shetland. The top scorer from Hamnavoe was Casey Smith with Aiden Couper 2nd and Robert Sandison Third. Hamnavoe came top on Thursday the 7th. Well done everyone and keep playing at school and home. Maths can be lots of fun!

P3-4 Roman Day

Roman Day

Yesterday it was Roman Day.  First we put on our costumes. I was as a strong Roman solider. All of the costumes looked great. Next the girls went to make an incredible feast whiles the boys learned Latin,Maths and Roman numarels. Then the girls came with the delicious feast. We had cheese, bread, oat cakes, olives and grapes. Afterwards we made cool clay pots and we did some weaving. After lunch we did our wonderful play. Lowrie was mighty Ceaser and Scott was a rich chariotere. Then our parents came to look around our epic class and then we went home.    

By David and Seb

Roman day

Yesterday we had our Roman day.

First  we got our fabulous  costumes on then the girls went up to the kitchen and  did some delicious baking with Mrs Moffat .

 Next the girls  did weaving and the boys   made  clay pots.

Afterwards we had our fantastic Roman feast in our class.

We learned that “veni, vidi, vici” means “I came I saw I conquered.”

We enjoyed the amazing play.

By Paige and Caitlin


Roman day

Yesterday our class had a Roman day. First we put on our costumes was a Roman soldier and I had a sword and a shield and a whip. Next the boys learned how to speak Latin. We also played a counting game using pebbles. The girls baked biscuits and prepared a feast of bread, olives, grapes, cheese, dates and pomegranate juice. The food was delicious. Next we made clay pots and the girls learned how to

Weave. After diner all the children, mums, dads, grannys, granddads, brother and sisters came to watch our brilliant play. my. Favourite part of the day was making the clay pots. It was a fun day.

by Lewis Drever

romans3romans4romans5romans9romans6romans2romans7romans8romans9 romans11romans12 romans1



Halloween Hilarity at Hamnavoe

apple dookinspooky moviehalloween craftdesign a pumpkinspooky spiderspompom spidersMrs Robertson??witches hats

Golden Time had a slightly spooky feel on Friday when staff and pupils celebrated Halloween with crafts, traditional games and lots of sweet treats. What has happened to Mrs Robertson? Did she really loss her head?

Macmillam Coffee Break

£185.00 raised for Macmillan Cancer Appeal. The staff held a Coffee Break to support the BIG Coffe Break, all bringing in cakes and making a donation to this worthwhile charity. Christmas Cards and wrapping paper were also on sale with all proceeds going to Macmillan.



P1-3 Pirate Day - wear a pirate fancy dress to school!


P1-3 celebrated the end of their learning through a Pirates Theme with a pirate treasure hunt and party games. They entertained all the parents with some pirate singing. Lots of healthy and not so healthy pirate snacks were available.A Roman Visits P3-4

rg1rg6rg2rg3Pupils Pupils in P34 were very excited to meet a real Roman. He had brought with him an array of artefacts to show pupils. They especially enjoyed trying out all the weapons and armour. They have really enjoyed learning about the Romans and will be sharing their learning with parents and pupils on Tuesday 5th November.

Family Fun Night Friday 11th October 2013


The Parent Council organised a fantastic evening for pupils and their families. This was an excellent opportunity to welcome members of the community into the school. It was great to see so many pre-school families. Delicious soup and sweets were served - all made by parents and staff. Following supper there was dancing, games and quizzes. The guess the baby photo competition generated lots of discussion about which member of staff was which baby. The cutest baby was certainly Mrs Moffat! The handbag game generated great hilarity and the usual amount of team rivalry. It was amazing what could be found in the handbags and pockets around the hall. There was a raffle which raised funds for school trips and resources. The total for the evening was an amazing £553.10.

Harvest at Hamnavoe Primary Monday 30th September 2013harvest1

Harvest was celebrated at Hamnavoe with a community service in the Burra Baptist Hall led by the children from the school. The church wa decorated with the children's art work and all the food that had been donated by families for gifts to members of the community.

Primary 1-3 did a poem called "Fill Your Harvest Basket". Everyone had a part to read out. The sentences from the poem used a play on words like "Turnip and join in or Luttuce be friends, Squash rudeness, turnip to Led a Hand, Lettuce be Hardworking and Time for Each Other." It was the first time our new P.1's had done a performance and they made all their parents and teacher proud. P3 did a very well rehearsed "Harvest Prayer" and P5-7 performed Baa Baa Blacksheep in Lugandan, a poem from Kenya called "Look at Me" and told the congregation about how Seeds for Africa helps children at Harvest Time. The children also entertained everyone with two songs, "Caring and Friendships". Mr Conabeer, the local minister, shared the story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand.

Our Harvest parcels have now been distributed to all the members of the community nominated. We hope they are enjoying their gift and enjoyed the surprise of an unexpected present at Harvest Time.


Else Arrub Leaves Hamnavoe Tuesday 24th September 2013

Pupils and staff from the school joined the community of Burra to give Andrew Halcow a send off on his attempt to sail single handedly around the World. We hope to plot his journey on a large world map and look forward to hearing about his adventures when he returns.

else srrub 1else arrub 2else arrub 3else arrub 4

The Gentle Giant Experience Tuesday 17th September


Amazing! Awesome! Giant! Huge! These were just some of the expressions of awe at the Gentle Giant Exhibition that pupils attended on Tuesday. They were treated to opportunities to handle fossils, dinosaur poo, and a very interesting talk by Sarah from the Museum. She was dressed as a paeliantologist adding to the drama of the day. As well as learning lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs pupils also did some creative activities. P1-3 made a collage of a dinosaur skeleton using pasta for bones and P4-7 made clay sculptures of the triceratops skull.


Roald Dahl Day Friday 13th September

In an effort to encourage reading a fun day was organised, celebrating the author Roald Dahl, a great favourite with children and adults. A number of staff and pupils entered into the spirit of the day dressing as their favourite Roald Dahl character. It was clear that a lot of imagination had gone into costumes and many hours had been spent sewing, glueing and going through the dressing up boxes. The winner of the dressing up competition was Paige who was a very convincing Oompaloompa. There were also Twits, Charlies, Granpas and Granmas, crocodiles and many more. In the afternoon pupils had a BIG Golden Time. They did Dahl Gymnastic Fantastic, Dahlicious Food, Enormous Crocodile Art Attack, Make a Chocolate Machine and wrote their own Revolting Rhymes. The afternoon was rounded off with a hilarious game hosted by Izzy Swanson where pupils were involved in being characters from Dahl's books. Well done everyone for all your enthusiasm and energy. Keep reading!

EllisP3-4twits lunchcookingfoodMrs MP1-3story timecrocsmachine

Primary 1-3

Look at the lovely Pirate Ship we made and all the vocabulary we know about ships.



Primary 5-7

We learned about Victorian Design.


Rugby Festival

Following a 6 week session for rugby workshops led by Daniel Meadows last year P5-7 were invited to play in a competition against other Primary School from across Shetland. The weather stayed fair and Hamnavoe played 7 games against schools from Lerwick, Unst, Whiteness, Sandwick, Yell and Vidlin. Their first game was a bit scrappy with all players being rusty after not playing for a while but the players soon found their form and scored lots of tries. Tag Rugby was the format, where every player wears a belt and if they are tackled (their tag removed) they must give the ball away. This cuts down on contact and makes for a better passing game. Pupils from Hamnavoe looked the part in their new strips and played well as a team. We look forward to working with Shetland Rugby club again this year.


on the ballrugbyrugby1fun

Drumming at Tingwall with Katakitsi

A group called Katakitsi from Ghana visited Shetland this week to perform their drumming and encourage more people across Shetland to take up drumming. Pupils in P4-5 were invited to a workshop. They listened to a short concert and worked with the group members on singing and drumming, working with pupils from Tingwall Primary. They loved the music and really had fun.



The summer break is now behind us and we are gearing up for another busy term.  All the children look healthy after a summer of playing out of doors and have all grown.  Our 7 Primary Ones are settling in as are a further 4 new children.  We are also delighted to welcome three new teachers to the staff – Miss Rachel Donald who is teaching Primary 1-3, Mrs Erica Mikolajczak in P3-4 and our new Art Teacher is Mrs Fiona Burr.  In this busy term we are looking forward to celebrating Harvest with a service in the local church and gifts being made to nominated members of the community.   We will also focus on the writing of Roald Dahl on his special day in September. Pupils will be learning through the themes of Pirates, The Romans and Extreme Childhood in Victorian Times.  The staff will be supporting the Macmillan Cancer Charity this year through a number of events and are joining The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday 27th September.  Everyone is looking forward to a positive and challenging year at Hamnavoe Primary School.

Children in P1-3 enjoyed being visited by Ant and Dec the Guinea Pigs as part of show and tell.

guinea pigs

Primary 3 and 4 started to find out about the Romans and how used numbers. Dillon is practising using Roman Numerals.


Primary 5 to 7 have begun to find out about how tough life was for children in Victorian Times. They have been involved in active learning, measuring a family bed and working out how all the children fitted into it and making gruel and experiencing what the food was like for someone living in the workhouse.


Most pupils thought that the gruel was disgusting. A few came for seconds saying: "Can I have some more?"

News From Term 4 2012/13

Leaver's Assembly

This afternoon we said good luck to our P.7's who are leaving to go to the Anderson High School. All 5 are very excited about leaving and told everyone in the packed hall about how much they will miss Hamnavoe School. The school dinners and playing football were going to be missed most. They were all looking forward to the new classes, friends and teachers in the High school. There was also a programme of music with piano solos and duets, fiddles and class singing. Our P7's thanked Mrs Henderson for helping them learn the fiddle with flowers and cards. Pupils all received a prize for their efforts this past year of a book and P.7's received a scientific calculator. As well as P.7, Mrs Williamson is also leaving for one year to travel and do voluntary work abroad in Ecuador. She has raised £6000 towards the project over the past 3 months and she was wished well by all pupils, staff and parents with gifts and donations to her charity.


football stripfiddlers

P7'sprizesMrs williamsonsingers

Everyone one is now looking forwards to next year. We have 2 new teachers starting - Miss Donald and Mrs Mikolazjcak. The role has risen enough for the school to have 3 classes. It has been a great year and Mrs Robertson thanked everyone for supporting the school and infomed the audience of family and friends that the school had fund raised £3894.00 in the past year for the Schools Funds and other charities. Happy Holidays!

The end of term is upon us and was celebrated today by a BIG BEACH DAY OUT. All the pupils, staff and a group of parent helpers had a fantastic day of fun. The canteen staff prepared an amazing barbecue lunch of chicken, hotdogs and ice-cream and jelly! The weather was perfect and pupils played in the sand, played a digging the deepest hole contest, ran races, played in the sea, played rounders and dammed up the burn. The sea was quite chilly but everyone went in even the staff! The Leavers Assembly starts tomorrow at 2pm . We hope all our families can attend.



beachplaybbqbbqladieswhole schoolP1-3


Pupils creative work about the Rainforest is on display at the Clickimin Centre today. 12 schools from around Shetland were represented. The display showed just how talented our young Shetland artists are. Hamnavoe Primary had 2 displays of paintings and collage and sculpture work as well as a variety of creative writing and information writing on display. Pupils from P4-7 were delighted to see their work being displayed for the whole of the community to see. The frogs and cameleons were very popular as was the life size catfish and the collage world map.


Creepy Crawly Musical

Andy Ross collaborated with our P1-3 class to present a colourful musical about mini-beasts. They sang 6 songs and dressed as ants - the workers and the soldiers. A crowd of parents and family came along to support pupils in their performance.


antzaimee katie

Dogs Against Drugs Team Visit Hamnavoe


As part of drugs education pupils in P4-7 met two wonderful dogs who help keep Shetland free from illegal drugs.

Problem Solving in P.6

Primary 6 have been using problem solving tasks from Nrich to extend their application of their skills. Here they are seen working out a tricky problem involving triangular numbers.

problem solving

New Look Sports Day for Hamnavoe School

Pupils have been having great fun today in school in a celebration of sport. All pupils competed for their teams - Red, White and Blue. Everyone took part in all 10 events. The day came to a close with Team Relays and the Hamnavoe Marathon which was 1 or 2 laps of the track. The winners on the day were the Reds with 289 points, second was the Blues with 266 points and finally the Whites with 265 points. It was a very close competition. The Reds took the lead after the relays after winning 3 races in a row. There were some stunning performances throughout the morning and all teams received a medal for their efforts.

obstact racerunning



starters orderscasey



Slim McBride and the Lost Tribe

Pupils in P4-7 spent Wednesday working with Scottish Opera to put on an amazing show about the Rainforest. It was great fun and everyone had a super time learning how to perform the songs with all the moves. A big audience turned out to watch the final performance and really enjoyed it. Photos to follow.


ShEEP DIP Outdoor Education Day

Pupils from P.4-7 have had an amazing day in the sunshine Discovering Interesting Places at Meal Beach, Burra. Pupils learned about Shetland Geology, how Fulmar populations are being badly effected by sea pollution, experienced a workshop about recycling and made their own beach sculptures.


Lonnie and Danny decide if their stones are Metamorphic or Igneous?


Mitnie the Maalie tells the pupils how he has been eating plastics. It fills up his belly and makes him ill. It also means his young are not healthy.

fulmar frenzie

Our Fulmars check their nests after a game of Fulmar Frenzie.


Kayla makes a puffin from "stuff" on the beach. WOW so realistic.


Thomas shows off his scultpure.

working together

The boys work together to build a model shark. Others build dams and rivers in the sand.


Having fun with friends at the end of the day.


A sand canoe.



Many thanks to the local shop for sponsoring new strips for the school. The pupils are delighted with them and tried them out in a game of hockey yesterday. The pupils look really smart in them and are sure to play their best wearing their new shirts.



Summer Coffee Morning

The annual fundraising coffee morning and fair has yet again been a huge success. The event was extremely well supported by the community and was busy all morning. The aim was to raise funds to help us purchase ipads to support learning in school and to buy new furniture for the classrooms, which is more suited to modern learning. We exceeded our expectations and have raised the magnificent sum of £1077.15.

Mrs Williamson also had a stall which encouraged people to sponsor a brick to help her and her husband to build 2 family houses in Equador- lifting a family out of poverty. Each house costs £2000. £210 was raised for this worthwhile cause. Mrs Williamson will be travelling to Equador to work with the project in September.

Anyone interested in donating further can contact the school for more details about this project.

P4-7 demonstrated excellent entrepreneurial skills running their own stalls. Nerf Gun challenge and the Balls in the Bucket were very popular. Carla and Mrs Williamson won the skipping challenge and Danny took the prize for the sharp shooter. They have yet to count their profit but it looked like they had made a substancial profit.

Many thanks to everyone who made this a fun, successful morning.


Primary Hockey Festival

We had a successful day at the hockey festival at the Midway Astroturf Pitch. The sun shone although it was chillly. We played lots of schools in ten minute games. Our closest game was against Bells Brae. Rory saved the day with a dive across the mouth of the goal! Very brave! Our team didn't lose any games and we are very proud of the good sportsmanship they demonstrated today. Thanks to Active Schools for running this excellent event.


A delighted Owen scores against Sandwick Primary.


Jaidan takes a side-line pass.

The Team

A determined team. Faith, Kayla, Robbie Lee, Owen, Rory, Jaidan, John Andrew, Jordan, Jamie and Danny (missing from photo.)


Hamnavoe on the attack. Sandwick are running in to try and get the ball off Owen.


Part of the fun is always the picnic.


THE VOAR REDD UP (Shetland Spring clean) Monday 29th April

We did our bit for keeping Shetland looking beautiful today. We had blue sky and we all worked hard to collect 20 bags of litter from around the village and the fields and shore. Well done to all those who helped this year. Our most unusual finds were 4 footballs! Sadly we did still find a lot of bruck! We all must be responsibile for our litter and make sure it goes in the bin or is recycled.

litter pickers

Primary 3 girls head down the main road cleaning up as they go.


Primary 4 and 5 boys find plastic and glass.

cattle grid

Heckie and David find lots of bruck in the cattle grid. Primary 6 and 7 filled 12 bags from the area around the shore!


We like keeping our environment clean.


Parents, pupils and teachers turned out tonight to help get the school garden ready for summer. The fence was repaired, the plot dug over and the tree garden trimmed down. The plot is now ready for planting. We are hoping to get a nice crop of tatties in the Autumn.Well done to all the helpers that turned out. It's the Redd Up tomorrow so we will be getting the boots on again. We start at the school at 1.30 pm.

lewis cleans uptrishtreesbruck



We rounded off the Spring Term with a lovely Easter Service in the Hamnavoe Pink Hall. We wish you all a Happy Easter and will see you all again on Tuesday 16th April.


The little class have been enjoying learning about dinosaurs and their topic came to it's conclusion with a DINOSAUR DAY. All pupils came in dressed as dinosaurs with very creative and colourful costumes. Some parents have been very supportive helping their children to make amazing fancy dresses.

dinosaursdinosaurs2dinosaurs 3dinosaurs 4


Pupils have really enjoyed this topic and had lots of fun. Here is some writing that they did about their learning.





The whole school had a celebratory dance for VE day this past Wednesday. Everyone dressed in 40's costume making the occasion feel special and more meaningful. Mrs Maria Leask has been supporting the children to learn many traditional dances that would have featured in a dance of the time are are still danced today.

VE day1VE 2VE 3VE 4


Pupils in Primaries 4-7 have been learning about WW2. They finished off their term with an assembly for parents which they wrote themselves.



Hamnavoe has had an amazing day! The pupils and staff have raised a whopping £1577.08 pounds for Comic Relief Charities. The effort began last weekend with Kayla and Carla doing a danceathon for 6 hours raising £250, today we had P.7 boys dressed as girls for the day, Owen and Jamie had a ball at their feet for the whole day, Lowrie sold his artwork and Danny cycled to Lerwick and back raising over £500. What a star! We also held a bake sale, quizes, cracker challenge, danced and dressed up. Lots of fun has been had by all knowing that children in Africa will have a better life because of our efforts. Well done to everyone for their record breaking efforts.

We learned about how children like Robert who live in the shanty towns of Nairobi in Kenya have very poor housing, no clear running water or toilets. We marked out a house and put a family of 10 inside it. It made us feel sad knowing how little room their was and how dangerous it was for the families living there. We all felt that we needed to help! We all signed a pledge saying why we wanted to help and these will be displayed in the school.

Look at the fun we had FUNdraising!

P.7 girls?shack

dancingcakeswhole schoolgamesKatiecrackers


Pupils and staff all wore their trainers to support the beginning of the countdown to the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014. Celebrating 500 days to the event begins, they walked 760 laps of the school grounds. Owen Halcrow had the highest total of 32 laps.

running round the school

Home Guard Visit from Mr Brown

Historian, Chris Brown, visited P.4-7 to give them a WW2 experience of the Home Guard. He put them through drill and showed them what a member of the Home Guard carried. He also brought a Brenn Machine gun and a rifle which pupils had the opportunity to load and fire - safely of course! Everyone got a great deal out of it and learned more about life in the Home Guard.


At easeThe Turtle HelmetThe BrennThe kit3 Lance Corporals

Scalloway Fire Festival

Hamnavoe School welcomed Jarl Bodvar Bjarki and his resplendent squad to the school on Friday 11th January. The Jarl Squad were led by bodvar Bjarki known as Little Bear. He earned this name from his father who was bewitched and turned into a bear by a sorceress. He revenged his father who was slain and that is how he got his name. Or so the Saga goes. The squad sang the Up-Helly-Aa songs and a gave a special rendition of The Bear Necessities. The children gave a splendid performance of The Viking Ship in which they threatened to take the Jarl Squad as Slaves!

Welcome BannerTimmy and friendsConnor and Logan enjoy the JarlsHere comes the Jarl SquadMrs Robertson received a plaquePrincessesGary and Ian swop suitsRoy and RyanLewis loves dressing upAimee designed her own mask1The amazing suitsGuizer Jarl - Peter TaitStar Pupils

Nativity - It Takes a Village 12.12.12

The children from the school performed the latest musical for schools to a packed school hall. There were also items from Pianists - Casey Smith, Faith Flemming and a Rory Henderson and fiddlers - Robbie Lee Fullerton, John Andrew Laurenson and Jaidan Watt. The Nativity told the story of Mary and Joseph struggling to find somewhere to stay in Bethlehem and how initially they weren't welcomed. However the villagers have second thoughts and decide that they need to help them out and they are delighted that they are. There were 30 speaking parts and everyone delivered their lines with great conviction. The singing was excellent and the audience enjoyed joining in with the actions during the encore.

Thanks go to all the staff and parents who helped the children put on this lovely performance and for the fantastic donation of £340 which will be going into school funds.


Family Social Evening 26.11.12

Hamnavoe Primary hosted an event to bring all our families together for some fun last Friday evening. It was a huge success with many families coming along to support the Parent Council in this new venture. Lots of fun was had by all and the hall was packed. The music was brilliant. Thank you Robbie-Lee, Jaidan and John-Andrew for your fiddle playing you gave a very polished performance! Mr Bennet's singing and playing also went down very well - beautiful guitar playing. Everyone enjoyed the "Trivil in your handbag" game and some parents really got competitive. As usual the food was delicious, so thank you to all the talented bakers and cooks for keeping us well fed. Finally the evening raised a fantastic sum of money for the school fund. It will be going towards buying a license for Education City Science and Homework modules and funding educational trips. The sum raised was £568.00 with a further £57 going to Epilepsy Action. Well done all for making it such a success.

FiddlersLovely foodfamily funmusicianswelcome signAll agesgood company


Children in Need - £331.71 was our total today. Well done All!

Elise meets PudseyPudsey PlaymobileRobbie-Lee and Ian meet PudseyTeddy Bear PicnicSale TablePudsey Baking

Harvest Festival:

On Monday 24th September we celebrated Harvest with a special assembly in the local Baptist Church. The pupils all brought gifts of foods and flowers and these were used to decorate the church. Primary 1-3 have been finding out about Shetland and had been focussing on Crofting in the run up to Harvest, visiting the Crofthouse Museum and building their very own crofthouse in school. They presented a little play where they told how Shetlander's crofted and fished in the past. They looked fantastic in their Shetland ganzies and acted out their parts very well.

Sewing the bereThe Shetland Pony

The children in the P4-7 class presented a short sketch on how Fairtrade helps ensure that the growers are paid fairly for their coffee beans. They made us all think about what brands we buy and whether we could change to Fairtrade.

FairtradersLonnie makes a point

The whole school then sang a new Harvest hymn they had been learning in Music. They raised the roof with their tuneful singing.

The whole school

All the produce donated on the day was given to people who Hamnavoe families had nominated as needing a Harvest gift. In total 21 presents were made and delivered.

P1-3 Visit the Croft and Crofting and Farming area in the museum

In the byreDa box bed

Saat piltocksMuckle griceShetland Coo

Junior Road Safety Officers:

Road Safety is a theme that we often revisit. With the dark nights upon us our J.R.S.O.'s visited the playgroup and told them about the importance of wearing reflective clothing when they were out in darkness. The children in the playgroup really enjoyed the Ziggy story.

Jaidan and Danny teach road safety at the Playgroup


School Grounds:

A group of interested parents and pupils met together to discuss plans for further improving the school grounds in 2012/13. They decided that bulbs would be planted in October. P4-7 did this on a fine day. The group also thought that the outdoor notice boards need up dating and that we could explore the possibilities of how we might improve the outdoor seating horse shoes. The pond has been abundant with frogs all year and we found 3 big ones when we last looked. The group will meet again in November to make plans and seek funding for the projects to begin in the Spring.



New Community Police Officer:

P.C. Winson visited the school and talked about his job as a police officer. He gave pupils an oppportunity to try out some of his equipment. He also put them in the back of his van. P1-3 will be visiting the police station later next term.

Rory thinks that the jacket is very heavy.

Dahl Day:

We celebrated Roald Dahl Day by making Twits Eyeball cakes and making Dream Jars for the B.F.G. P4-7 joined school from around the globe for a Virtual interview with Quentin Blake. They had prepared questions to ask him and emailed them to Puffin Books. It was very interesting to watch him drawing and the pupils found it very inspiring.

Eye buns

Queen Victoria - This Is Your Life:

As part of learning about Famous People pupils in P4-7 put on a show called "Queen Victoria - This is Your Life". Everyone had research an aspect of her life and made up a story to tell. The pupils enjoyed dressing up and their guest appearance of Queen Victoria herself a.k.a. Mrs Williamson.

Queen Victoria's ChildrenV and A

Star Pupils for Term 1 are: Faith Fleming,Charlie Hall, Lewis Drever, Katie Spence, Cassie Pottinger, Aaron Fleming, Scott Ward, Robert Sandison, Lowrie Jamieson, Owen Halcrow, Kayla Jackson, Grant Williamson, Jordan Uren, Elise Rendall, Carla Tait, Nicole Rendall and Sofia Maxwell. Well done to all pupils!

Last Year

World Book Day:

Hamnavoe Primary School celebrated World Book Day on Thursday the 1st March 2012, by holding a “Come as a Character” day.  As well as a book sale there were fun quizzes, a treasure hunt, dialect stories, story writing and creative activities.  The school also re-opened its Library which has been under renovation since November.  Mrs Christian Tait, Trondra and Shetland Forwirds, was delighted to cut the gold ribbon and encouraged the Burra bairns to enjoy reading in their new library.

Pupils enjoy the new library Staff come to school dressed as a book character.

The library also has been fitted with a computer area and listening centre and sports brightly painted pinboards, carpets and comfy cushions – which all add to the relaxed atmosphere created by the staff and parents.

The new library with comfy cushions and bright painted walls and pinboards. All pupils in their book character costumes.

Mrs Robertson, Head Teacher, is delighted with how the project has come together and is certain that the new library will enrich the learning experience at the school.  She extended her thanks to everyone who had helped with the project in any way and hope that the library will be enjoyed for years to come.


Map of Shetland

A view of BurraCloudy Day in Hamnavoe

These beautiful views can be seen near to the school.


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